events not working

  1. Events no longer editing or deleting properly

    So I've been working on an admittedly large project. Only recently have I gone back to re-test the opening of the game as I finally finished my endgame (just in terms of plot progression and cutscenes). I had my first events that managed the opening of my game working completely smoothly and...
  2. Eventing Issue! Please help!

    I have two NPCs interacting. NPC 1 is controlling the movement routes, change image, dialog etc... of NPC 2. My issue is, I am having NPC 1 rush toward and hit NPC 2, NPC 2 then disappears after finishing the movement route. I need NPC 2 to NOT disappear. I need him to stay visible at the end...
  3. I added an if statement to an event and now I can't move my player

    I'm still new to this so bare with me. I'm enjoying the learning curve. There's a town 3 tiles away from the player spawn. I created a token system, if the player is holding the hidden item (aka token) then the cutscene level will load. else, the regular level will load. Unfortunately, this has...
  4. Help: My event script keeps repeating and I'm not sure why!

    I'm trying to make a system in which each "day" 1 randomly picked event of 7 is chosen and applied to the game. I also wanted to set it so that if a chosen event is picked 5 time or more it'll instead keeping choosing till it chooses something else. IE. if it's been foggy for 5 days and it picks...

    Autorun events issue?

    Hello I'm new to this and I'll try my best to explain the issue. I technically already know the basics of how the functions works, however just now I was trying to make a cut scene to run but I encounter some problems. The characters in the white squares somehow are not moving when they should...
  6. Issues understanding events interacting with each other in cutscenes (moving npc characters)

    Hello, I'm rather new to RPG Maker and before I really started on a project, I wanted to make sure I understood the basics of what I'd want to do in a game. Currently I'm testing cutscenes, but I'm running into some issues. The way I've set it up is so that when the player character steps on an...
  7. sburbiansteampunk

    Anybody handy with FES?

    Howdy, fellas. Now, I'm not trying to make any serious games with this (it's pretty clear that's not happening), but I was wondering if some of you guys might be able to help me with events. Here's the skinny: You go into a pizza place and one of the dudes making pizza is like "DUDE GET OUT"...
  8. plubic_void21

    Event will skip over features

    Don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or is the engine breaking on me, but on my current project, I'm creating a cutscene using an auto-run event. But for some reason, the event would ignore some commands i.e moving the camera using the SumRnddde camera core plugin, but the plugin doesn't...
  9. Dantalion_Crowley

    [RMMV] OrangeOverlays plugin disables certain events

    Having experimented with parallax maps, to my bewilderment I discovered that some of the events that were perfectly functional before no longer work. I supposed that some plugins I've installed recently may have something to do with this. And, indeed, the guilty party was found soon - the...
  10. Lanto

    Event not start - Bullpup Script

    Hello everyone! I am creating a game of zombies, basic and stereotyped haha. Look for an ABS, but the one that suits me most about what I need is the "Bullpup Script", but it only has one problem that it has not been able to solve and I hope you can help me. The problem is when the Bullpup...

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