1. [Solved]Troubles with moving events on a river down a bridge RMMV

    Hello Here's the thing: the map is an horizontal bridge that crosses a river and I want to give the river a flow feeling that goes from north to south. So I did some events that represents floating debris, boxes and wood that moves in the water under the bridge. The problem is that the events...
  2. Black Pagan

    Help improve my Time System

    Hello, I was looking to improve my Event-ing of a Time System. Currently, What i have done is this : - Divide a day into 5 Time Scales - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Twilight, I will refer to these as "Time Periods" from now on - Assign Visual Indicators for each of these Time Periods...
  3. Animebryan

    Need events to pass through other events

    I need events to pass over other events. I have some events that chase the player using YEP Event Chase Player that have their Priority set to Same as Player & a bunch of collectable events around the map set to Below the Player, but the chasing events can't pass over the collectable events. I...
  4. LVGames

    What's your one favorite thing about RPG Maker Engine?

    Which RPG Maker engine is your favorite? What one thing about the engine do you enjoy most? My favorite is MV. The one thing I like about the engine, is the event system. It's not like the other game maker engines. It's very different but at the same time it's unique and that's what makes...
  5. Black Pagan

    Multiple Parallel Events - Taking up Tile Space

    I have multiple Parallel Process Event tiles - Weather effects, Day and Night system, Enemy Spawn, Random Events, Level up Events, Story Triggers etc. These have no interaction with player but stay on top of Player at the corner of the map, Taking up 1 Tile space each. These restrict me from...
  6. Event drawing/processing distance

    Hi guys! Sorry to bother with this noob question, but I've searched through the forum to find an answer to my doubt and wasn't able to find any. Is there a way to change the distance in which events are drawn/processed? My problem is with a rather large sprite. It's 5x5 tiles and when the user...
  7. Uzuki

    How to create a skill that activates at the start of the turn without forcing an actor to take action?

    Hey y'all, I'm trying to create something that does what the title says. I've tried using Yanfly's Instant Cast plugin with a commen event setup that checks for the player's state aand forces an actor to use a instant cast skill at the start of the turn, but the Force Action command overrides...
  8. EmmaB

    Picture Common Event Script

    Hi everyone, I really liked Yanfly's Picture Common Events plugin for MV as it gave me the ability to make special menus created with pictures. I was wondering if there happened to be a plugin like that one for VX Ace? If there isn't, would it be hard to make? (I don't have much scripting...
  9. Tiregs

    Problem with Saving/Recalling Map-IDs

    Hello, sorry but I think this is a rather complicated problem. I am trying to build a "Bindings of Isaac"-like game, but you can only go from left to right. If I go right, I teleport into a random map. It is basicly the same map everytime, they just look a little different and have different...
  10. dragon1up

    MV swimming and setting up a race

    Just looking for some help for some eventing, down below is a link of what I'm attempting to do. Bascially wanting to have 3 NPCs and one npc the player can control, trying to have them race one another and controlling the speed of all the racers via a variable. But run into the issue of the...
  11. Charater Selection Won't Work

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here. I hope its in the right place. I have a character selection screen set up and it was working fine, but I must have done something wrong cause I cannot select the girl character but I can the boy. I can toggle them just fine but when I try to...
  12. Events triggered by collecting Key Items

    Hi there, first off I am not sure I have this in the right subforum. Forgive me, I am a noob and this forum confuses me. Anyway, I have a question about event triggers. Specifically, I want to make an event where the trigger is that my party has collected pre-determined key items in the game...
  13. MemeCatGames

    How to have a loop broken by player touch?

    It's a balloon animation, looped. I saw you could have it by direction, and pressing certain special buttons (shift, etc), but is there a way to just have it be player touch? Someone recommended an invisible switch next to the item, but that doesn't really help me - because the idea of the...
  14. Event happen only when player is close enough to it

    Hi everyone, I have an enemy that shoots projectiles with GalvsMapProjectiles, Right now he fires from anywhere on the map, I'm trying to make it so he only starts shooting when he's on screen, or better yet, when he's a certain distance away. Any things I may be missing? Or is there any code...
  15. DarkSeraph

    Resetting magic to 50% before battles.

    So I'd like to have the game reset each actor's magic to 50% of their max at the beginning of each battle. The actor's regen magic throughout the battle allowing them to use weaker skills over and over but they would have to save up MP to cast more powerful spells. Anyways. The core game...
  16. Help with switches and events.

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to RPGmaker MV, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do my own day/night cycles. I know there are plugins and scripts but I haven't figured out how to implement them, and I'm pretty confident that I can do tthe logic behind the transitions as I've done it in...
  17. Advice Needed Concerning Chests

    I would like some advice on how to go about making a chest with treasure that cannot be opened from certain directions because it is up on a cliff. I have highlighted the spot I'd like to put the chest:
  18. Trouble Moving The Event's Sprite

    I'm trying to move the sprite the event is using in the project I am creating. For some reason the sprite won't go in certain directions even though it is perfectly fine for sprites to move there. For example: I want the sprite to move down once and then move right a few squares. The sprite...
  19. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Change The Title Screen Music From An Event?

    Is there a plugin that lets me change the title screen bgm with an event or using plugin commands? I really want this for something I want to do for a game I'm making. I've tried researching this online but no luck.
  20. Kristina

    Bigger event pictures?

    Hi all! I want to have my trees as events, so the player can cut them down and get wood, but how do I make it so that one whole tree is one event? The trees are bigger than one tile after all. I have seen bigger characters pictures that can fine be used in events, so I know it's possible but...

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