1. Jimmy2017

    Make an event appear above another

    Hi all. I basically have multiple bridge events that are triggered to appear above/below a character based on where they are. This is all fine and well, until you want an enemy to patrol on the bridge. Having 2 events appearing 'above character' doesn't seem to work, the patrolling event will...
  2. ZodiacStories

    (Solved) It wont move

    I have run into a little problem after playing around with the variables. The opening of my game is an event, but once the event is over I can't move my sprite. I was trying to make sure the event wouldn't happen again if you were to reload a save on that map.
  3. Nightblade50

    Random Events in RMXP?

    I am wanting to add a system to my RPG Maker XP game in which, whenever the player is traveling on the road and enters a new area, then a random event will possibly spawn on the road. The events will vary greatly (e.g., bandits trying to get money from you, a traveling merchant, etc.) I am not...
  4. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Halloween or Holiday Event System

    Sorry if the title is a little confusing but is there a plugin out there that can make it so that certain events will happen during a certain day like Halloween? Example: A door that only unlocks on Halloween day but is locked every other day of the year. Is that possible? Because I have a...
  5. Leon95s

    Question about map designing

    Hi guys, nice to be part of the community I'm also very excited to start my first serious project! :rock-right: So my first post ever here and it's already a question, maybe someone can help? :) I was wondering if I create a map where all the stuff should happen in the game, but if I want to...
  6. FreeCake4All

    Screen tinting events causing my character to get stuck

    Hi! So, I was originally going to say that my character got stuck when I started them off in a new map, but then I did some testing and it turns out, its because the map I was using had a 'tint screen' event (its supposed to be a dark cave). How do I implement the screen tint event while still...
  7. GhostXce

    Cloud Overlay + Repeating Event Issue, Please Help <3

    yo guys ive been messing with MV for a while back and fourth, and I've come across an issue im not sure how to fix. I have an overlay for cloud shadows created by an event, but i want the event to disappear when the player enters a building and return when they come back to the map, i can't...
  8. Kristina

    Delay on events/movement route

    I make these lighting events so lamps such as street lamps got light. However, as you can see on the picture there is a slight delay for the event/movement route to come. It's just a second but I would like to avoid it at all. Is there a way? I got 5 of these on one map, is that too many?
  9. kingdomkeeper21

    Moving Multiple NPCs at once for a Cutscene. Please help

    Hello, I purchased RPG Maker MZ and I have been trying to figure out how to make multiple NPCs move at the same time without them moving off the map or something. I need tips cause I am a lost soul. instructions would probably be best
  10. Tsukihime

    Disabled Choice Conditions

    Did you want to disable some choices if conditions weren't met? Maybe the player needs to buy a ticket before they can board a ship to a specific city, or certain items aren't available for selection for other reasons. How about just making a single script call disable_choice(1) To disable...
  11. Tsukihime

    Pre-Title Events - Evented Splash/Title Screens

    So if anyone's been wondering how I've been doing my videos, I basically use pre-title events to create a splash screen. This video looks like it's just an intro and I forgot the actual contents and skipped straight to the ending, but in fact that's the goal of the plugin. The splash screen...
  12. _Shadow_


    So, by learning a lot from this community, I think it is time to make a new and better tutorial on how to use RPG Maker. MZ will have new and neat stuff, it will have some differences and it will be a cool thing to use. So since I am gonna make the third part of the series EVENTS (yeee...
  13. void_of_the_mind

    Help with an item-based puzzle

    Hello all, I have run into a problem with coding a puzzle in my game. I wish to make it so that there are 8 stands in a room and 4 items. the items all count as individual components, if that is important. anyways, the items need to be placed on specific stands in order to solve the puzzle...
  14. Devildimos

    [RPG VXA] Self variables for events

    Hello everyone! I know there is a script out there that allows you to add Self variables to an event. However it is not exactly how I need it to work. Or perhaps I don't know how. Because all of my events spawn randomly in my maps. I would not be able to identify the event's ID. The Self...
  15. MoiMoiisbadatthis

    How to make the illusion of hugging?

    So basically I am trying to make two event sprites hug... the only issue is they cant 1. Be put on top of each other 2.cant be put close enough to appear like hugging I know I could use a hug sprite but I'd prefer not to make one... Im also using images ...and if i have to use a sprite are...
  16. [VXACE] Respawning enemies for Action Battle System

    Hello. I am using Sapphire ABS, which is the best fitting for my game, from all action battle systems available. I love it's features, though it comes with kind of limited options in terms of loot or respawning events. I've managed to create my own event based loot system, but respawning events...
  17. [Solved]Troubles with moving events on a river down a bridge RMMV

    Hello Here's the thing: the map is an horizontal bridge that crosses a river and I want to give the river a flow feeling that goes from north to south. So I did some events that represents floating debris, boxes and wood that moves in the water under the bridge. The problem is that the events...
  18. Black Pagan

    Help improve my Time System

    Hello, I was looking to improve my Event-ing of a Time System. Currently, What i have done is this : - Divide a day into 5 Time Scales - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Twilight, I will refer to these as "Time Periods" from now on - Assign Visual Indicators for each of these Time Periods...
  19. Animebryan

    Need events to pass through other events

    I need events to pass over other events. I have some events that chase the player using YEP Event Chase Player that have their Priority set to Same as Player & a bunch of collectable events around the map set to Below the Player, but the chasing events can't pass over the collectable events. I...
  20. LVGames

    What's your one favorite thing about RPG Maker Engine?

    Which RPG Maker engine is your favorite? What one thing about the engine do you enjoy most? My favorite is MV. The one thing I like about the engine, is the event system. It's not like the other game maker engines. It's very different but at the same time it's unique and that's what makes...

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