1. DK

    Custom Event Triggers - Allows you to use custom event triggers.

    Title: Custom Event Triggers Version: 1.1.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to use custom event triggers. How to use: Use the comment in the event to set the trigger. There are 2 types of triggers: parallel and blocking. Blocking type blocks the player’s movements when the event is...
  2. SpyroFan67

    I Don't Know Why This Wasn't Working But It's Fixed Now

    Ugh. I need some help with something with my game. Ok, so basically, in this game, unlike the original Legend of Spyro Spyro's enemies are an undead Lich army and Orcs instead of apes. They leave these nasty bear traps around to hurt Spyro and I programmed the bear traps so when you step on one...
  3. Learning eventing and variables.

    I am using RPGMaker MV. I'm looking for MZ on another sale but haven't found a reason to upgrade to it yet and have barely started a project to learn things. I looked over some older threads but copying them didn't seem to get the desired results that I've seen in other games. I need to...
  4. kyonides

    Refreshable Events ACE

    Refreshable Events ACE by Kyonides Introduction Do you love using Self Switches as Page Conditions? Are you worried about mobsters leaving worthless treasures that the player will never ever pick up and pack them? You don't want the player to see those useless spoils are still lying on the...
  5. New events stop working entirely

    I saw that a lot of other people are having this issue, but mine is really an enigma. Suddenly, today after some point in time i can't nail down, every event i created stopped working entirely. yes, i made sure that is is set to below characters, yes, there is no second event page, no, i do not...
  6. RMMV Random Messages when attacking an enemy

    A interesting mechanic that the Glory of Heracles series has is that when a character attacks, it shows a small flavour text of the character screaming or threatening the enemy. As you can already guess, I want that in my game! I also plan on giving player's the option of changing the default...
  7.  Masked 

    Event programming, or that time I simulated an ARM processor with events on RMVX Ace

    Event programming or that time I simulated an ARM processor with events on RMVX Ace Introduction So, I think this one warrants a bit of context. I'm not sure how this is on the international community, but I come from the brazilian RPG Maker community, and, at least to me, there seems to...
  8. 2 quests per one event/character?

    Hey guys! I’m working on my first game but I’m still new at it. so I’m trying to make it so a character gives the player two different quests. but I’m not sure which order to make the events. There are 4 switches, 2 for each quest. A start and end quest switch. I’m not sure which order it should...
  9. Tokeitawa

    Harvest Moon like Farming system.

    Hello, I want to make a farming system similar to harvest moon. I really enjoy that mechanic and I know RPG makers is capable heck it probably doesn't need to scripts to make it but I do not know how do I begin. I was thinking to make a tile and a tail has specific ID (i.e SoilType=1 means...
  10. RMMV Snake arcade in RMMV

    Hello, so I'd like to learn more in RMMV by creating arcade snake, that would be just events following each the previous one and with possibility to create another. I'm able to use javascript tho I haven't found any great tutorial or documentation on how the events can be created - easiest way I...
  11. RMMZ Event Move Route: How to filter and search events

    Let's say I have an event that should regularly look for the next event with a certain property (e.g. a selfswitch) and then go there. In the visustella engine there is "Move to Event: x", which only works with ID, which means that I would have to write the algorithm for finding the event...
  12. Events won't work when interacted with?????

    Hi. So this might just be a dumb question, but let me first just say I've been messing around in RPG Maker for like three years, and I'm not new. Anyways, the gist is, I'm making a game with chests, and whenever I press Z, it doesn't give the item. I have set the event's priority to Same As...
  13. Trihan

    RMMZ MV/MZ - The interpreter and you: what makes an event?

    Hello, users of RPG Maker MV and MZ! It's your friendly neighbourhood Trihan here with another pointless infodump you'll likely never use for anything. You might have been using RM for a while, and be a dab hand at creating events, but have you ever stopped to wonder how they actually work? What...
  14. socks

    Help With Picture-Based Menu - Events

    Hi all, Based on this tutorial, I'm trying to create a picture-based menu for my game using events. I have so far been able to get the result I was looking for, creating a Common Event that uses a series of images that can function like the default menu in MV. The problem I'm now facing and...
  15. TakumaGao

    RMMZ Make an event display a sprite graphic based on an actor's sprite.

    So I've run into a tiny problem... I've added a function to my game to change your party members' appearance when they're equipped with certain armor. This is working as intended, but my problem is that when I start making cutscenes, I'm going to run into an issue where the actor sprites in...
  16. BrickleYourFrickle

    [Solved] Need help making a Transmute/Morph skill that turns enemies into Gold when killed with it.

    I'm trying to make a Skill that deals little damage, but if that Skill kills the enemy, it instantly gives you a random amount of Gold between 100-200. The logic being that you're alchemically transforming the enemy into gold coins. When the skill successfully hits, I'd like a message box or...
  17. Deleting characters forever RPG Maker MZ

    Hello, in my RPG I've made, my main character talk to another character, who ends up giving the former gold. Then the money giver leaves the room and disappears. However, when the main character leaves the room as well and goes back in it, the other character reappears. Is there a way to delete...
  18. V-DeLuna

    How to have an event check for multiple different items?

    Hi I needed help figuring out how to have an event check for multiple different items. In this case I have the character needing to have three different items, a sword, a rune, and 500gp. Is there a way to have an event check for these items and if you don't have any of them it would tell you...
  19. HiddenAlchemist

    Creating a Geomancy / Terrain Skill with Events in MZ

    HiddenAlchemist's Geomancy / Terrain Skill with Events tutorial for MZ! Brief description: This is a tutorial on how to remake the "Geomancy" skill from the Final Fantasy series (also called Terrain or Gaia). This technique lets a character "draw magic from their surroundings" and produce a...
  20. Events no longer editing or deleting properly

    So I've been working on an admittedly large project. Only recently have I gone back to re-test the opening of the game as I finally finished my endgame (just in terms of plot progression and cutscenes). I had my first events that managed the opening of my game working completely smoothly and...

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