1. Can an RPGMaker game through Steam be copy protected?

    Hi all, I'm nearly at the point where I can release an RPGMaker MV game to the market and would be grateful if anyone had any pointers as there seems to be no definitive information anywhere from days of research on the following, which not only will hopefully help me but anyone else in a...
  2. Export just a full exe in RPG Maker MZ

    Hey all, I'm trying to export just an exe for my game. Ideally, I'd want my players to just download the file, click the exe and it run without having to dig in folders. I've already done a Deployment and I don't think my typical player wants a full folder of stuff. The operating system is...
  3. Luuskamunez

    I losted my game master folder when i had to format my computer

    I had to format my computer and forgot to get the master folder for my game. Practically all I have is .exe, audio folder and system, etc. (basically, I had to encrypt it to post a demo of it). How can I use what I have to continue making my game?
  4. _Shadow_

    Game.exe Rename. Is is ok?

    So the game shall run on Windows by double clicking Game.exe and I wonder if we got the right to rename it to MyGameTitle.exe I am not sure if that is against the EULA or permitted, so why not asking before doing something stupid, right?
  5. LukE1616

    [Urgent] Help! Alternative to Enigma Virtual Box

    Ahm... So, resuming everything, I have developed a very small demo game fory school. Only problem is that I need it to be a single exe file to be validated as in the rules. Immediately I searched and found about Enigma virtual box. I download it and installed it, but when my game was boxed...
  6. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】How to pack Visual Novel Maker games using Enigma VB

    Tutorial topic: how to pack a game build for Windows (hence the title) Brief description Both "Build for > Windows" and "Create Game Package/Windows" commands generate a game folder, instead than a single ".exe", which can be pretty annoying. This tutorial explains how to pack your game folder...
  7. Plueschkatze

    Save problem after deploying and turning into a single exe with enigma virtual box

    Hello everyone! I run into a annoying problem with my game... I deployed it and wanted a single executable .exe for it. So I checked out SumRndmDde's Tutorial: And downloaded Enigma virtual box. The problem is. That I can't save in the .exe that enigma producted. I...
  8. chawksworth

    Legal Questions Regarding Commercial Deployment

    So, these are questions regarding commercial deployment and/or distribution of a game once it is completed.  RPG Maker MV is the version that I am using just as an FYI. I didn't see anything in the ToS or EULA expressly forbidding these two things in particular, and they both seem to fall...
  9. Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 Questions

    First off, I'm now to rpg maker, the most game making I've done is making pokemon roms, but even then, nothing extensive. Basically I'm a noob. With that out of the way, I decided I wanted to make a game with overworld battles. Settling on Pearl ABS, I downloaded it. I extracted the .exe, but...
  10. Rikifive

    Compression Tool is Broken

    Hello! The RPG Maker's compression tool is not working. (Not mentioning it's terrible in general) I had always problems with the packed by it games, because they're working slow or break. (I prefer do download games in rar, not in this 'joker') The Issue When I want to compress my game it...
  11. Lunawolfcomics

    When you submit a game what is the .exe?

    Hey everyone quick question. When you submit a finished game what is it that you submit? I know you have to submit the .exe file, is that the file with the dragon icon? Thanks :) -JAD
  12. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Embedding the whole game folder inside another exe

    EDIT: it seems like it's actually not possible (unless I make the exe extract the contents into the comp during runtime, which defeats the purpose of the whole embed thing)... it just works on my comp since I have the source files... sorry I guess I'll just need to create the "game launcher"...
  13. Terv

    Using the VX Ace engine in your XP games - the kiss tutorial!

    How to use the VX Ace engine in your XP games in no more than 10 minutes - keep it simple, stupid! Auf theutsch bitte 1. Introduction In the following I am going to explain you how to use the engine of VX Ace (RGSS301.dll + Game.exe) in combination with your XP games which I fully entrust to...

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