1. How Do I Make a "Border Exit" Without Plopping a Bunch of Event Squares?

    I am currently running a "practice project" to learn how to use RPG Maker MV (currently v1.62). The starting town has no fencing around it due to the fact that it is a mostly destroyed town. However, to prevent confusion, I would have to make sure all the borders of the map lead to the overworld...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Can I force a script call while show text?

    So I have some very long VN-styled cut scenes that goes on for quite some time. It's more or less a parade of "ShowText" commands which tends to block all other input. Normally this is fine because JRPG conversations don't go on for that long, but in my game it doesn't work. I'd like to give the...
  3. Script for exit the game?

    Is there a script to close the game program completly? To make it look like it crash Edit: Never mind i just found it, is "SceneManager.exit();"
  4. Intro re-runs after I save and exit?

    Hi, So I made an intro for my game and the event is set for autorun. I decided to save my game so then I can keep testing as I was progressing throughout the game. When I decided to make another region to go to, I entered an event that made me switch to the next region. But when I returned to...

    Plugin for auto-save state on exit/crash and auto resume saved state?

    In some commercial games that exist, such as final fantasy, there is an auto-save feature that saves the state of the game on exit or app crash, which allows users to choose to resume state rather than load their last formal save? Is anyone aware of a plugin for rpgmaker mv that facilitates...
  6. Mr. Trivel

    Vehicle Music Fix

    Name: Vehicle Music Fix Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-27   What does it do? Changes how music and vehicles work.   Screenshots: Can't show sounds.   How to use? Turn it on and you're done.  ...
  7. Deklaration

    Remove title screen and menu?

    Hi New to javascript. How do I disable the menu and title screen? I want the game to start without the "Start, option & exit"-options. I also would like to disable the pause menu. Been searching, but haven't found anyhting yet. Oh, and if someone knows the new way to use the scriptline...
  8. MeowFace

    Hide Game Window's Border, Close/Alt+F4 canceler

    Made this for a request and sharing it here in case anyone else needs it. Even with all the hates, there still seems to have quite a demand for this. Just to clarify in case some one started to post something negative about this: I know, taking away close button is cruel and not fun. I don't...
  9. Dacuna


    Last minute, argh! I didn't know this was going on until the last day, so I got my old game together (not really old, still made this month) and here it is! https://www.firedrive.com/file/1D1CD621D269A261 It's one of those impossible games that will take many hours of blood and tears (not...
  10. RenegadeForce

    Moving the title screen options

    Hey... Whats up? I was wondering for my upcoming game if it was possible to move the title screen options (new game, continue, exit...etc) to the far right-handside of the screen instead of the middle.... I plan to have a saddened soldier (on the far right) standing on a mountain using is...
  11. kairunotabi

    A simple shutdown script needed

    Hello, I would like to request a simple script that will automatically shutdown the game.exe but the script should be called from an event before executing the shutdown process. Thanks in advance!

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