1. Kikko

    EXP and Gold from mobs wont turn off

    So i tried to turn off gold and exp from an enemie i made. What i did was to go to: Database-Enemies-Rewards. Then i put the EXP and Gold to zero. But when i fight the monster it still gives my charachter EXP and Gold. Can anyone help me?
  2. Name

    Exp Bar for the Luna Engine

    I was wondering if there is a script to add the exp bar in the menu? Or replace the tp bar with the exp bar? I am using the Luna Engine.
  3. Topaz Light

    Specific Experience Curve Generation Formula?

    Since the in-engine help files are extremely vague about exactly what formula the engine uses to determine an EXP curve from the three values you can play with, I was wondering if anyone here knows what the actual formula is, in mathematical terms. I know that Acceleration simply adds...
  4. Lose exp without losing levels

    Hi, I've been struggling with the "change exp" option on the event commands. Basically, I have an event that according to some decisions, adds or remove exp from the player, the adding part works great by lvling up the player if enough exp is added, but I would like the removing part to not...
  5. RilinDev

    Help designing the level system

    So, I am making my first game, and want to know how to go about designing a balanced stat curve from level 1 to level 30. 30 is the max level for my game (as it isn't that long) and I don't know where to start. And I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to start either.
  6. kovak

    Stop EXP overflow

    When an actor level up if there's more than the EXP needed it will overflow, will be used to calculate the needed EXP for the next level. I've made my actors to need the same amount of EXP to level up for each level and now an actor goes from level 1 to level 30~40 when leveling. I know...
  7. Class and actor exp curves problem

    Hi, I made a post about this a couple of days ago, but It was a lot of rambling and suppositions, I've tested much more things and now I have a new perspective on the issue, that's why I'm making a new one. First of all, I'm using a custom lvl formula for an actor, with this script(Actor Mod...
  8. SEK


    SEK_BattleTime&Rank - v 1.1 By SEK Introduction Get a fast victory and gain different amounts of exp and gold! Features You can set different multipliers for exp and gold based on battle time. You can change multipliers, rank names and time with Plugin Commands. End Battle Message...
  9. Clark's Exp Limit

    This adds are hard limit to an actor's maximum experience. I am aware of the bug that shows an actor level up if more exp is gained than the experience to next level and honestly don't intend to change this... This script is actually meant for games that do not use a standard level up...
  10. Tsukihime

    Battle Action Exp

      In RPG Maker, actors can receive exp by defeating enemies in battle. When all enemies are defeated, the victory processing will occur, and actors will receive exp from the battle. However, this means that if you were to escape before the battle was over, your actors would not receive any...
  11. Simple question regarding EXP

    is there a way to set a maximum exp? I'd like to set the maximum of actor.currentExp to 99,999.
  12. EXP Item

    Hello, I'm trying to make an item that gives EXP to a party member of your choice. Unfortunately, I've run into a bit of a dead end.  The closest I've gotten is making the item deal / recover HP / MP and in the damage formula, having the actor gain EXP. But, I've only managed to find...
  13. Mr. Trivel

    Enemy Exp Change

    Name: Enemy Exp Change Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-16   What does it do? Changes how enemies give EXP. Now it's based on actor and enemy level.   Screenshots: I'll pass.   How to use: Use the following tag in map properties note field...
  14. Mr. Trivel

    Static EXP

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Static EXP Created: 2015-10-26 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Makes every level require same amount of EXP. Enemies give exp depending on actor level.   How to use? Set parameters in Plugin Manager. And use tags for enemy note...
  15. Chaos Stormclaw

    Changing name of Lv and EXP?

    So I know you can change the names of HP, SP, Skills, etc. in the database of RPGXP, but where can I change the name of exp and level in the script?
  16. wrigty12

    Request: Splitting Exp Among Party

    I am looking for a plugin that allows for splitting earned exp among members in the party that battled, rather then all of them gaining the same set amount. Ex: What it is currently: 3 Actors defeat a Bat, which gives 30 Exp (set in the Database). Upon winning the battle, each of the...
  17. Remove the Level, Exp and the word "Fighter" next to the character name in the "Items" Menu?

    When you got to "items", it says "level" and E. Next to the name, it says "Fighter". How can I not have these?
  18. Tsukihime

    Battle Exp Distribution

    In RPG Maker, when you defeat enemies in battle, everyone that's alive will receive some EXP. So for example, if you defeated a slime, and the slime is worth 100 EXP, then every party member that is alive will receive 100 EXP. If you had one member, that member would receive 100 EXP. If you had...
  19. Tsukihime

    Exp Tables

    RPG Maker allows your actors to level up by reaching the amount of experience points required. The amount of exp required is determined by the actor's level for their current class, and the class' exp curve. Exp curves are generated using a pre-determined formula, and you only have the ability...
  20. Musashi

    Reserve Members Exp Rate

    Reserve Members Exp Rate Musashii Introduction: By default, enabling exp for reserve members will give them 100% of the exp, with this plugin you can set a different rate. How to Use: Name the plugin file NewBenchRate (Case Sensitive) and edit the parameters in the Plugin Manager. Plugin...

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