1. Extended Skill description IN BATTLE.

    Hello, friends! I was wondering if anyone could help me on this. I hope my request it is not too hard to implement. Basically, I need a way to show an extended description of a skill in battle. It can be done the way you prefer, for example like, pressing a certain button and making a new...
  2. Creative Ed

    Expand & Collapse Events

    NOTE: Can't seem to be able to edit the title, I meant "Expand & Collapse". Hey, I'd like to suggest a feature I've been craving for a long time. As someone who does very extensive events, event editors become cluttered and confused pretty fast, even with the comment tool things get really...
  3. juraija

    Is there a way to expand the Event Window?

    i am starting to make too many conditional branch for an event and the words ended off screen, is there a way to make the window bigger or add a horizontal slide bar to the events? thanks for your time :)
  4. TinyMine

    Tinys More Currencies (TMC)

    Tinys More Currencies TMC   Update : 1.2 - IMPORTAN BUGFIX in 1.2! 1.1 had an error when exchanging currencies   Expand your game by more then 1 currency!   Script 1.2   Update :   ■ 1.2 -BUGFIX: Gamebreaker during exchanging currencies   ■ 1.1   - Penalty support for exchange...

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