1. Rinober

    Robots Pack - Examples

    Hey all, another graphic pack for my drawn style has been released: Futuristic Cities - Robots Expansion is available now. Find it on the RPG Maker store or Steam! I'm creating this thread to give you some impressions on what you can actually do with the graphics. Please note that this is a...
  2. Lakaroth

    Requests .APK expansion files

    I know there's some request around here, but not a real topic, so i mad one. With MV Client method, everything work perfectly, thanks to @xilefian who made it, and improve it! I've relased 2 apps, but 100MB it's a great limit, so i just try to understand how to create OBB files for expansion...
  3. Lord Vectra

    How to do Expansions :)

    I know a lot of people are wondering how to work expansions. There is some limitation to this which will be explained later in the tutorial, but depending on what you want, its a good idea. How to get your game ready for expansions Make 2 copies(or more) of the game. 1 is going to be THE game...
  4. erestorpat

    Need help with Android export using expansion files

    Greetings all, I know there are a lot of topics about people asking for help using expansion files with Android and we never had any clear answers yet so... here are some questions I have that would probably solve my current issues : I managed to find that a specific file in RPG Maker MV...
  5. Khayalan

    Extending Game after release and Protecting game

    Hey RPG-Makers out there, ive got one question i asked me for a long time... How can i update my game? For example there is a new expansion... New Maps and co... But the users want to keep their current save! Is that possible so that i can only load the dlc into the game? And if so...
  6. PixelMister

    PixelMister's RMMV Tile Resources

    Introduction Hello Everybody! Welcome to my RMMV Tile Resource Thread. Originally starting as a 'World Map Extension' project, due to the lack of World locations in RPG Maker, I began to create world map tiles from the RTP so everyone had a free resource in which they can use in commercial and...
  7. How Would DLC In-Game Work?

    Please note: I am NOT referring to making a pay-to-win style of game or other such things. I despise games like that. The question is relatively simple: How exactly would I make it so the player could purchase additional content for a game? I'm assuming the purchasing option would need to be...

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