1. Guardinthena

    Increase Party Experience

    Okay, I feel like this is a super simple solution that is staring me in the face and I just can't quite grasp it. Setup: I am making a scholar class and part of his class traits is he can give the party a boost to their experience gain. Something like the double item/gold party benefit. I...
  2. LiamBrie

    Just wanna say hello and share my story <3

    Hello, I decided to come back to the RPG Maker community after a long hiatus, I am looking forward to making some connections and using some of my knowledge to help others! Some background maybe some of you can identify with: I think I always knew videogames were my favorite thing, I've yet...
  3. Tea++

    Relative Experience

    Tea_relativeExperience 2.0 Tea Use this plugin to specify how many times more experience party members get relative to the main characters level. This plugin will ensure lower leveled party members that join the party later will quickly catch up with the main characters level...
  4. Isiah's ExpMultiplier

    IsiahExpMultiplier v1.1 by Isiah Brighton Introduction A plugin that gives you more control over EXP gain. Compatible with MV and MZ. Features Tie EXP multipliers to game variables so you have easy control over EXP gain between encounters In the paid version: Define your own formula for EXP...
  5. ovate

    Menu: Centered Title, Copyright Text, Save Scroll, Max Exp, Profile Scroll

    Centered Title Command Centers title command texts and 5 characters wider. Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script __________ Copyright Text Shows copyright text on the title screen (Under Constant, set your text for copyright) Preview Installation Paste this script...
  6. rechronicle

    Exp Curve Formula Help

    Hello! How to write this formula for the Exp curve, I'm using Yanfly plugin. Lv1 to 2 - need 100 Lv2 to 3 - need 200 Lv3 to 4 - need 300 and so on... I'm not really good at math, I can't figure this out after trying for some time. :kaodes: Please help, thanks!
  7. check Exp in events

    Greetings, its me again! I have a new project, and i wanted to ad a costum leveling system that lets you choose a new skill /parameter change for each level. i messed arround with some common events and variables to set up what should happen, but encountered a problem: the trigger. I settled...
  8. DerVVulfman

    Enemy Challenge for Experience

    Enemy Challenge for Experience Version: 1.0 Introduction Tired of letting gamers grind away hours fighting weaker monsters so they can level themselves up? Do you want to make sure they may only increase their character's levels by fighting monsters tough enough to give them a real threat...
  9. Arctorius

    Refightable Bosses, How do I stop exp grinding?

    My game consist mostly of boss fights, boss fights that can be refought. That means that the player could break the difficulty of the game by grinding them. I thought of answers to this problem. First, I wanted the enemies to give zero exp, and recieve the exp through an "Change level" event...
  10. Yawgmoth

    Enemy Skill that Damages Experience instead of Health?

    I would like to know if creating an enemy skill that deals damages to an actor's experience is possible and if that would require a formula, or script? I'm assuming script but am not sure where to start. I plan on this skill being used by the final boss in my game. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. plubic_void21

    Experience and leveling

    hello, thanks for stopping by. I'm new to the RPG scenario so forgive me for any stupid questions/ topics I may or may not have asked or mention. I'm currently working on my first commercial project and came across a game development question; those gameplay questions you ask yourself while...
  12. Average Endgame Levels

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on an RPG and I'm at the phase where I'm deciding how my stats will interact with leveling. I was wondering what average endgame level and stats were in RPG maker games that you've made or played! I've got starting stats picked out, but end game stats largely...
  13. Craig

    EXP for Party Members Participating in Battle/YEP_Actor Party Switch

    I am using the YEP_ActorPartySwitch plugin to swap out characters in battle. But it seems that the only characters that get EXP are the ones that are actively in the party when the battle ends. How can I make it so all the characters that participated in the battle get EXP, but any that did not...
  14. Failivrin

    Real-life skills you learned from games?

    Every game improves cognitive skills, like coordination, reflexes, memory and judgement--but what about something more advanced? Have video games ever taught you technical skills? What about social skills, creative skills, or athletic skills? Here are two examples from my personal gaming...
  15. AsocialDarwinist

    [RMMV] What is the formula for the default parameter curve ?

    Heyoh, I've been coming back to RPG Maker for a few days now, and I'm trying to create a (pretty simple) class system to get used to creating games again. However, I'm encountering a slight problem : I cannot figure out how to fine-tune, or precisely control, the parameter growth rate. My system...
  16. Couple of Questions

    I'm new to RPG Maker and I have a few questions: Is there a way to create a HUD that would display character's name, picture, items equipped, etc? Also is there a way to have the HUD change based upon equipped items (example: it takes 2 MP to summon an equipped magic skill, the HUD will show...

    Evil Experience points

    As a reference, Toby Fox used in his game, "Undertale" a mechanic where every time you killed something, your "love" increased. I would like to use something similar to this. But I don't know exactly what to call it. What would be a clever name to show to the player that the main character is...
  18. TriceratopsX

    Exp Share?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to have a character that wasn't in the active party (like at the main camp or something) to gain a portion of the experience the active party members get from battles? Kind of like the exp-share item in Pokemon. Would I be able to use variables or...
  19. Topaz Light

    Specific Experience Curve Generation Formula?

    Since the in-engine help files are extremely vague about exactly what formula the engine uses to determine an EXP curve from the three values you can play with, I was wondering if anyone here knows what the actual formula is, in mathematical terms. I know that Acceleration simply adds...
  20. KeeganKLM

    How do you split Exp among the party?

    What I want to do is I want to make it so that Exp from enemies are split among the party, rather than everyone always getting a constant value regardless of the size of your party. For example:  Hiro is alone and by himself. When he kills a dragon, it gives him 4000 Exp. But when Hiro...

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