1. zeraf

    Expired dlc

    I noticed some dlc has an expiration date. Can it be reset and why do they expire? Stuff like Luna Engine for vx ace. After the date, do i still have access to the download link?
  2. Porcelain

    Timer Doesn't Run Expire Code on Map

    I have my Game_Timer run the following code on expire: $gameTimer.stop(); SceneManager.goto(Scene_Gameover); This removes the timer and gives the player a Game Over, but it only works in battle. I'm trying to get it to also work on the map screen. I tried running...
  3. wrigty12

    Weapon/Armor Expiration Date (Based on Real Time)

    I am looking for a plugin that allows for a real-time expiration on an equip, starting the "countdown" when you gain the item, but removes it when a certain amount of time is up. The main reason I want this is to provide players a unique weapon or armor for playing the demo of my game, but not...

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From China, with...white paper. :kaojoy:
This is a really good video
Testing Parry/Counter system straight from Action Sequence instead of utilizing the default counter.
Quite happy with the result so far.
This just blew my mind.
RMMZ can choose Tilesize.
No complicated Plugin needed, it is a simple inbuild Option.
This means you could literally use all your rm2k3 or vx-ace Tilesets and Characktersets in RMMZ.
This also makes me curious about experimenting with smaler Tiles and higher Screen Resolutions for non RPG Games.
Did you know about this?

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