1. Thunder176

    FORSAKEN (Looking for playtesters & general feedback)

      Forsaken Puts the Player alone in a ancient temple, said to be holy grounds where mortals may have an audience with the Higher Beings. But first, one must be judged worthy by the mysterious Judge Azarel. Azarel sets you on a quest to complete 6 different trials with each their own unique...
  2. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Interaction and splitting up parties!

    So thought I could get some opinions on two different mechanics that has been a real struggle to get right, and see what people would prefer. First I will start off with the interaction of the world, and obtaining items: Interactions and exploration #1 Icons and proximity: This is...
  3. Clovejar

    Joseph's Farm

      Joseph's Farm (v102) A 1hr puzzle-exploration game with mystery and horror elements.   Angela keeps experiencing the same dream - but what does it mean?  The answer can only lie in going deeper...   --- Content warnings: Brief religious themes; brief scenes of...
  4. CallMeKerrigan

    Do Not Be Friends With Bianca

    tl;dr this game contains graphic content Do Not Be Friends With Bianca Ida Poe contains graphic language, content, and images. There is a scene where the main character, Eileen, speaks with a Christian priest and you have the option of praying with him. Also, there is an optional quest requiring...
  5. FlynnFlam

    Fevered Dreams

    Introduction Hello, this is my very first game created with RPG Maker! It’s a short horror tale that I had a lot of fun building. I learned a lot—and still have a lot to learn. :) Story You awaken in a rambling old mansion, your memories vague and uncertain. The butler informs you that you...
  6. Numieth


        So... this is the first project I ever posted about on this site, and I'm really nervous about it all. But of course, some feedback is needed and while this project predominantly was started for getting used to the new engine, I'd really like to finish it! (for once) In that spirit...   What...
  7. crackedthesky


      In this horror exploration game, a lost soul wakes up in a snowy wasteland with no memory, and only a talking scarecrow pointing them in the direction of a nearby castle. Little light enters its stony walls, where rooms don't stay put and inhuman creatures wander the halls. But this soul is...
  8. TheOddFellow

    Ethereal End

    Ethereal End Synopsis: An RPG-based game that draws its heritage from Final Fantasy I. There will be a huge world to discover, (although, initially it might seem quite small,) with continents, islands, oceans, and many hidden areas open to those willing to fulfil the conditions. Scripted...
  9. Indrah

    Born Under the Rain

        Masud did a terrible thing.  Now he wears the Mask of Odion, a cursed relic that's forced his soul into the body of a mummy. Worse is Odion himself, the former owner of Masud's new body.  "Keep walking, sweetheart," Odion says, his phantasmal jawbone clacking and clattering. "Every minute...
  10. CzarSquid

    Friend (A short game) v 2.0 - New Version

        UPDATES Aug 23, 2015 - Version 2.0 is now officially out! July 30, 2015 - Started work on version 2 of this game. Same game and story but with more content, puzzles, lore and maybe save function. Read more about it here. July 25, 2015 - News on the canceled Friend 2 game. Read here. May, 17...
  11. blamethepoet

    Request: script for switching resolution between exploration and battle sequences

    Hi everybody As said in the title, I'm looking forward to somebody's help with having a script which may change the game's resolution for different parts of the game, for example during exploration I'd like to use the default one, during battle a 640x416. I think that it can be simple by...
  12. AoDLegacy

    RMMV Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale

    Project Introduction Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale is a fantasy turn based RPG set in the fictional world of Oxorin, and revolves around the interaction between the main character you create and the world. A primary threat throughout the game is the Death Curse System, which counts from five...
  13. outcry312

    Perspective - IGMC Contest Entry - Free-Roam Puzzle Game, Check it out!

    Perspective Hey everyone! Throughout the whole contest I completely forgot there was a forum or anything. Upon discovering, I thought I'd share my game here, since I see other games out and about doing the same. This is my IGMC Entry, and I'm looking for feedback as well as more people to play...
  14. Eschaton

    Map Exploration and the Tactical Battle System

    I'm experimenting with GTBS, but I feel like it may clash with exploration of maps.  Free exploration of maps is important to this project, which is supposed to be a balance of staff and resource management with an open world. Yes, I know that's really ambitious. What I'm asking here, is...
  15. C-C-C-Cashmere (old)

    Lexical Node

    You are a lexical node exploring a hand-painted world about to deal some damage. No battles. Illusion of an actual world existing. Your character no HP or MP. The sprite of a lexical node. He's pretty much a blank slate for you to project your existential fears onto. I wish I had more...
  16. mightydarkchocolate


    SYNOPSIS : Yumi just returned to the town after a long break. She received a letter from a person named Ai Mada who asked for her help to destroy the cockroaches in his house. She accepts the task and make her way to the Slum residential area, a place where most people in the town will avoid...
  17. Volz Rocksti

    Set map scrolling limits

    I'm looking for a script to manually limit how far the camera will go while the player is walking around the field. For example, I have an "L" shaped map and in the lower left corner there is a portion I am not using because I have blocked it out for a town. Due to the event-heavy nature of the...
  18. Quigon


          Dorian Faulkner, a father and husband, suffers from increasingly abstract and frightening dreams whilst traversing the empty, ghost town of Fleetswood. Driven by reclaiming fragmented memories and the sole purpose of finding his son Oscar, the horrors and danger that he will encounter...
  19. WolfraverXemnas

    The Portal (A NEW Mystery Adventure Game) - Chapters #1-3 Released!

    11/24/13 - Chapters 1, 2 and now 3 are Available! Hello everyone, For the past couple of months, I've been in the development process of creating a new Point-and-Click Adventure game series. There will be 25 chapters in this series. The first chapter, I've released is the called: "The Winery"...
  20. TheBrogrammer

    IF. [Demo now Available!]

    Culture and Religion: (This is huge, so I put it in a spoiler. And it really is a spoiler.) Story: The story is not complete yet, so bear with me. In the beginning of the game, a man is seen talking about his "treatment" that everyone comes to him for. Soon, another person (you) walks in. He...

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