1. evilsaigon

    RMMV Willistoria - A free-roaming, sandbox RPG

    After many months of slogging, I finally present to you my masterpiece... Willistoria Download the game from any one of these sources: https://evilsaigon.itch.io/willistoria https://rpgmaker.net/games/8906/downloads/8231/ Background Monsters have always been at odds against...

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Sometimes I wonder if I feature creep... 225 magic spells is a lot lol.
Being hit with nostalgia for something that's gone is both a great thing and so sad.

But being a creative means having ideas for bringing stuff back to life, which can be frustrating and rewarding in it's own right.
the urge to comment helpful things on forum posts but not using the same engine
It's my Party and I'll cry if I want to. The best b-day present I could have is if my mapper came back. No idea where he went.
Updated Senary's design (left). The previous one is overdesigned and her lack of functional pants is distracting and undermines her as a strong female character. She now has compression shorts, shorter hair, and a loose-fitting shirt for a modern look. She was lacking the authority of her original design, so I gave her military cap with her namesake.

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