1. Crazytail


    Questley is a game starring a boy named Questley. Yesterday, he moved in with his old best friend to a town called Fair Oaks. Today, he sets out on a journey... by force. Questley and the rest of the town are shaken by the murder of a close friend. The only problem is... they...
  2. Casia


    Casia presents...   Casia is an open-world game project that I have been developing for years. It is a game with preset settings and characters, but you decide how you progress in the game, what decisions you make and so on. This game is all about exploration and freedom of choice...

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Small rant: While using SRD Hud maker for a battle hud, I typed in the wrong script call and got an error, but then forgot to delete the piece that caused the error before closed the Hud maker and hit F5 to restart the game. Now everytime I engage in a battle my game crashes...
Would Jump into Javascript be best off continuing to break down the MV core files, or would people prefer a quick detour to cover everything that's changed in the core from MV to MZ?
Not going to lie... PIXI Particles make fantastic graphics... But predicting the hitbox of something with a "fixed size" but whose graphics can stick out past that, is quite challenging. :kaoswt:
Would you like a glass of spiders?

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