1. Question before purchase/trial due to expire

    Hi! I've been using the VN Maker 30 day free trial and really like the program. I'm willing to buy it on Steam as it's on sale right now at a price I can afford! I'm just concerned about losing progress. I've put a lot of hours into my project on the free trial. If I buy Visual Novel Maker on...
  2. Filename Case Problem

    Good day. I'm trying to export game to Android, but some filenames and file calls are cased differently (example: img/parallax/tree.png and img/parallax/Tree.png). Everything works on the computer, but on the mobile it "Failed to load". I renamed all img files and folders to lowercase and added...
  3. sirnameless

    Omori is coming to the Switch! But... how?

    Next month, Omori will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. But how did they do it? Anyone know? From what I can find online, it looks like it was built in RPG Maker MV. Their Kickstarter also says they want to port it to 3DS and PS Vita. My guesses for how this is possible... a complex...
  4. Notchella

    Making money from RPG Maker games with their assets (loaded question)

    Firstly, this is a few questions in one so I apologise for such a loaded question. Okay, so firstly how do I exactly export an RPG maker game? I deployed my game so my mate could try it but he could not load the .exe file and I'm not sure why. Does he need to have all the folders/ files for it...
  5. Ambianum

    Problem with mobile exportation (exitPointerLock)

    Hi all ;-) I have a problem with my game exportation when I use it with iOS in safari... It works with a good FPS... but when I want to teleport the hero in another map... Hum... Tricky ! An idea ? Thx :cool:
  6. CleanWater

    HTML5 Export to Itch.io (Cutting borders in canvas)

    Hello, I decided to publish my game as playable in browser on Itch.io, but the borders are being cut and I don't know where to resize the canvas in RPG Maker. My html knowlegdge is a bit out of date, but it seems that the engine doesn't auto resize the canvas to show the entire game on the...
  7. Neutron21

    Linux Game deployment

    Has anyone had an issue with deployment of games on Linux? I was using a trial version of MV for Windows to deploy a game and launching the game on the current Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon edition with no luck of the game working. Yes I did make it a executable under properties and that still did...
  8. Export just a full exe in RPG Maker MZ

    Hey all, I'm trying to export just an exe for my game. Ideally, I'd want my players to just download the file, click the exe and it run without having to dig in folders. I've already done a Deployment and I don't think my typical player wants a full folder of stuff. The operating system is...
  9. KiraNet

    Is it possible to Export with a Windows PC to Mac?

    I have version 1.5.1 and I wanted to ask if I just can export my game to mac and this would work then on mac... I dont have mac just windows... But I heard you need a mac to export to mac... is this true? So isnt it possible to export with windows to mac?
  10. matgraz

    Is there any image template por exporting charsets?

    I wonder if there's any image file that i can use as a template to exporting my custom made charsets the size i need I want to test if this charset is working in-game and i dont know the ratio RPG Maker uses to read charsets so i can place them right. I'm trying kinda eyeballing over a RTP...
  11. Theoretically, could RM games be ported to consoles? What are the hurdles?

    I know this will never happen (at least, not for anything pre-MV), but out of mere curiosity: could an RPG Maker game be ported to consoles like PS4 or Switch, in theory? MV is the most likely out of all RMs to be somewhat feasible if I were to guess, but how about even VX Ace? Or an older RM...
  12. Incorrect screen size of the MV RPG project on iPhone XR / XS / iPad Pro 11 "

    Hello everyone, I need help. I was able to export my test project from Rpg Maker MV via Cordova and xCode for iOS. The resolution of the RPG Maker MV project is 1920x1080. When I export no problems, it works perfectly and the screen measurements are almost correct on all iPhones and iPads...
  13. goldenhawk

    I have seen advertisements on facebook about rpg maker supporting consoles

    Is it true that one day we can export to nintendo switch and xbox one and playstation 4? if so i will buy the version supporting those export modules in a heartbeat.
  14. MushroomCake28

    Every exporting options in MV. Nintendo Switch?

    So what are all the platforms you can export to with RPG Maker MV? I know there's PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS(???). I'm interested in knowning: 1) How difficult is it to port between different platforms (talking more about Android and iOS?) 2) With the recent announcement of RPG Maker MV on...
  15. Shinma

    Export Stats Per Level

    Does anyone know if there is there a plugin that will export a list of your stats per level into a document or spreadsheet? To clarify a bit, using the default Hero class. Lvl: 1 Lvl: 2 MaxHP: 450 MaxHP: 500 MaxMP: 90 MaxMP: 100 Attack: 16...
  16. Albaharu

    Export game to Mac

    Hello! I'm trying to send the game to a friend who uses Mac, and I saw that some people offered this: https://github.com/Ancurio/mkxp as a solution but I have no idea of how to prepare it to make the game work, any of you knows how? Or has a step by step or a screenshot of how should it look...
  17. TMS

    Help with exporting things from SAKAN

    I'm using SAKAN for the first time, and I've created a title. That is to say, I've lazily stamped a rock and want to add it to MV's Outside tileset. I went to export it, and my rock is in the top left corner of the tileset (usually a blank space). Is there any way to move that rock, or expand...
  18. Yitzi Litt

    Exporting for Windows on a Mac

    So I exported my game for Windows, using a Macbook Pro, and I ended up with this:What do I do to get it exportable to, say, Itch.io?
  19. xilefian

    Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    The originating tutorial along with direct support can be found at: hbgames.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=48&p=939401 Index Prerequisites Creating the Android app Testing (Optional) Create Debug APK Customisation Crosswalk vs WebView What is the MV Android Client The MV Android Client is a...
  20. Android Black Screen (4.4.4) API 19

    Hi again all, I have found another big problem while testing the android apk on various devices. On my Galaxy S6 it works fine (android 7.0.0) but the tilesets, and ONLY the tilesets SUFFER A HUGE QUALITY REDUCTION, with some graphical error and i can't figure out why. On a Galaxy Grand NEO...

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