1. idillicah

    Is it possible to export to PS Vita?

    Hello! This may be an extremely noob question, but I thought it was worth asking: Is it possible to export RMMV games to the PS Vita? Maybe wrapping the HTML5 export? Do you guys think this is possible? I'd love to publish my upcoming game on the PSN, as I've been an avid Vita player, to...
  2. Davõr Jörmling

    How to put game on my webiste?

    I have a website page here that I would like to put the demo of my game on. The website is made using Wordpress, and hosted with InMotion Hosting, if these details mean someone can provide me with a more detailed explanation it would be awesome! :) How does one go about doing this? I have...
  3. nilson

    OS Requirements for MV Exported Games

    Hi all! I found some info on system requirements, but what about the specific OS requirements for MV-made games? The OS requirments for Windows goes back to 7 (I believe), but the Mac OS requirement is a bit steeper. I saw this thread which gives a bit of optimization info (very useful!), but...
  4. Dante S. Ryu

    Exporting RMMV Games as APK for androids

    Hi, I was trying to export an APK file from a RMMV project and put it on Google Play. I did it with Intel XDK, following tutorials, then I got my APK uploaded. Then, however, I realise there are some problems. 1.) There is no "Back Button" in option menu, which is on the title page...
  5. .apk Version code problems

    Hey everyone! I have a quick question (Not sure if this is the right part of the forum... oh well XD) so I successfully compiled my game into a .apk and uploaded it to google play, when I tried uploading a update it required a new version code, so I tried changing the "x walk_version" but it did...
  6. Vis_Mage

    Export and Testing on IOS (iPhone)

    I have a couple of quick questions regarding exporting and testing MV games on IOS: 1. I know that there are tutorials on how to export to android with use of a windows computer, but has there been any such tutorials made for IOS exporting? 2. If not, than would anyone be willing to help...
  7. Val

    Script/Plugins to support and work for multiples Languages in a game

    Hi everyone, I want to one if someone know a plugins or script or software to be able to work on Multiple language for a RPG Maker MV project? Is someone already made one? or someone might be interested to work on one?  I dont know if it a big thing, but I'm sure a lot of people would...
  8. Iliketea

    Exporting my Game - What am I doing wrong?

    Ok, I tried to export my game, just to see if it works. I read the manual and followed it. Yet, the end result doesnt work. It starts just fine, then in the main menu I select "New Game"  and nothing happens. Just a black screen. OR it just shuts down. I dont know what I am doing wrong, I...
  9. How to Export a Database?

    Is there a way to export a full database from RPG Maker MV? I've created a basic database wich I would like to keep safe for uses in future projects. So I had a lot of heavy work in all these classes, monsters, heroes... How can I store them?
  10. EliteFerrex

    icon48,144,etc. not Found Exporting to Android

    Hello, everyone. I've been trying to export a sample apk to test the android functionality of the game I've started, and have followed all the instructions for setting everything up. However, I'm receiving an error message in command prompt when attempting to run the command to create the .apk...
  11. Problem exporting for Android

    When exporting for Android, I get: BUILD FAILED C:\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:928: The following error occurred while executing this line: C:\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:946: null returned: 1   I have no trouble exporting a new, empty project so everything needed for the procedure...
  12. Mobile Export question - Android/iOS

    Hello, I'm new here and I purchased the RPG Maker MV with mobile in mind. I come from Unity and I'm used to exporting out to Xcode and APKs straight from Unity for deployment. When I deploy from MV it gives me an HTML/JS based project folder. Will there be a plugin to convert the project into...
  13. Problem with playing my exported game

    Hello Forum. I am currently working on a little game and, just for testing, I exported it as an .exe (With "Encrypted Package" and "Include RTP Files" marked as YES). When I executed the .exe, everything seemed just fine. The custom title screen was there, and the menu worked perfectly. Then I...
  14. alexthejester

    Finished Products...[Solved... I'm dumb....]

    Okay, so.... Can I make the game able to be played without having any sort of rpg maker program? I sent my game to my friend so he could test it, but he doesn't want to download the program and it won't let him play without it.... Is there something I can do?
  15. Duranin

    From old to new?

    So I've tried searching the all knowing Google for ANY answer regarding opening a project you were working on RPG Maker XP, and continuing your work on it in VX Ace. If nothing else can you at least export the maps you made?
  16. Adding different sprites into the program

    Hello I'm new to the forums so if I break any rules with posting this in the wrong section I apologize in advance. I just wanted help using sprites that I found in the forums that would work really well for the prototype game I'm doing (just for a placeholder for now). Like I downloaded it but I...

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