1. MapExporter plugin, noob needs help

    I've been trying to use RPG Maker MV to make maps for my online D&D games, and I found a plugin that would be absolutely perfect for that: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/mrp-mapexporter-export-your-full-size-maps-1-1-as-png-files.49684/ It's supposed to export the entire map...
  2. gregbaby

    Will we get to see an Android expoerter/SDK of any kind in the near future?

    I know this has been asked raised many times, but there's always a bunch of smoke & mirrors and gossip/rumours surrounding this. I have played the Doom & Destiny game, and despite the use of standard crappy RTP engine grahpics the game functions and runs very well and is actually quite good...

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