1. Why is my game 1GB???

    I thought it would be really useful to make my game a web version but it is too big and has too many files. Okay well why don't I export it and use "exclude unused files" I keep having issues with exporting it like that where it excludes files I am using. I think they are the files used with...
  2. MissThomasTia

    How do I export my game with RTP?

    Soo I've managed to export my entire XP game into a rar (WinRAR) file and I uploaded it to Google Drive and copied the link to send it to my professor. He was able to download my game, hit "game.exe" but when the game opened, he got the error code "RGSSS RTP Standard not found". So as of now, I...
  3. FeliPereira97

    Problems with Android deployment & plugins

    Hi, sorry if in wrong category, thought this one fits. I have a project that works perfectly fine on PC, but when I try it on mobile (for which I'm specifically building it), many bugs occur. Some changes I've made won't appear, the first spash screen is the original one, not the one I've...
  4. Dreyliam

    I need help: Finishing the game...

    Unknow error i'm trying to release a Demo version of my project but, when i export(compile) the game from RPG MAKER MV some files are just deleted, like all the BGM folder and some plugins files... i'm using the "Website 2 apk" to make the demo version for Android. i don't have idea what are...
  5. JtheDuelist

    Exporting RPG for Mac from a Windows Computer?

    I was wondering, I know I have to use Enigma Virtual Box to pack my game as a standalone .exe, but what about exporting for a Mac? Do I need to do anything special for it like the Windows version, or do I just leave the export as is when uploading? I am wanting my game to be available on itch...
  6. FoxySeta

    [SOLVED][RMMV 1.3.5] Playtest works fine, but exporting the project doesn't!

    Ok so I was so happy for finishing my project, so having problem right know sure is just awful:hsad: Here are the screens: Even changing the platform, excluding unused files and encrypting doesn't seem to work (in any combination). I'm sorry I can't give more info I just have no idea which...
  7. How to Export a Database?

    Is there a way to export a full database from RPG Maker MV? I've created a basic database wich I would like to keep safe for uses in future projects. So I had a lot of heavy work in all these classes, monsters, heroes... How can I store them?
  8. Cubic

    Putting on Steam Greenlight?

    Are we allowed to place our games made with RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam Greenlight? I do have a rather large project in the works right now, and I'd like to know if I can attempt to get it into the Steam market. Thanks for your time -Brodie 
  9. JamesIsMakingGames

    Can weather effects be exported?

    I've been hunting about in the import/export tab in RPG Maker VX Ace, and I'm having trouble finding the weather effects (rain, snow, etc.). I'd like to export it so that I can make my own effects in GIMP and import them back in. So here's what I'm wondering: Where can I access the weather...
  10. VX Ace Lite to Full Upgrade & "Compress Game Data"...

    Howdy folks, I recently finished working on a project in VX Ace Lite, and then got a copy of VX Ace via Steam; I wanted to be able to create an encrypted archive when distributing my game. However, when I opened up my project in VX Ace and compressed the game data, the output file I got was a...

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