1. Josuec


    I've seen in many posts that people make Faces' expressions for the custom Face portraits in RPG MAKER MV. So since I'm using one of the custom faces, specifically "People 3", I'd like to request (If it's already out there or if someone kind enough could make it) a face portrait of expressions'...
  2. Shiranui-kun

    New faces for basics Chara

    Aaaye, I will put here more faces for already in-game characters ;P The already in-game characters are already pretty good, but they lack expressions, I think. I will put here more faces for already in-game characters ;P Free of uses, just credits me ;P
  3. firion231

    Requesting Extreme Anger Expressions For Generator

    I'm looking for RPG Maker MV generator pieces that give the portrait of the character expressions displaying extreme anger similar to the linked images. Eyes and mouths are what I am primarily looking for. Compatibility with both genders is also preferred. Thanks in advance!
  4. SailorRose

    SailorRose's Anime Facial Expressions

    Here's my first contribution to the community! I made a few quick edits in photoshop, it's nothing special or great looking but I thought I'd share. Comes with eyes, accesories and mouths so you can mix and match them however you'd like!   Notes: The Heart Eyes come as both eyes and...
  5. wolfpak692

    Different Facial Expressions

    I have created my own sprites using GCH... I am wondering if I need to create different facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, puzzled for each sprite for use when a dialogue is happening? I noticed some games have this and some don't...
  6. Raedwulfo

    [FEBRUARY 27 [UPDATE]] Anime-Cartoonish Face Expressions By Raedwulfo

    This is another Contribution for rpg maker mv character generator i hope you like it i'm doing my best to do the face expressions and match them with the generator [UPDATE] i added a new mouth  Added a new set of funny anime eyes emotes  i hope you liked it :D!
  7. 15 Essential Character Expressions

    So, I've been working on the art assets for my game, and since it is almost completely character-interaction driven my custom portraits are a huge part of the game (made 'em bigger and everything).  The problem I've run into is that I can't decide which expressions to create pictures for.  I've...
  8. IdarG

    Cobweb Balloon Icon

    I'm just wondering... What is the cobweb balloon icon used for? What kind of emotion does it represent?
  9. SorchaNiC

    Request: Extra Expressions based on Generated Char.

    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to RPG Maker, and not that handy with picture editing - so I was wondering if anyone could add some extra expressions to this faceset I generated earlier. I've attached the file below. I'm using RPG Maker VXACE. Any expressions are fine, angry, annoyed, etc...

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