1. Soulrender

    Level Up Extension plugin

    First of all this plugin is addition for Yanfly's Message Core and Message Extension Pack plugins so it might not work properly without them, so keep it in mind! What does this plugin do? Simple, changes awfull look of level up window to your likings: You can add actor face to message, colors...
  2. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker MV plugin Generator for plugin developement version 0.3.0

    This extension for visual studio code allows you to generate new RPG Maker MV plugin files with just a simple command features: Create a completely filled plugin template create a blank plugin template notes: This is still a work in progress, please report any bugs so I can see if I can fix...
  3. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker MV Snippet for plugin developement

    The semi-Complete snippet for the RPG Maker MV plugin development snippets for Visual Studio code Make your necessary parameters easier as well making setting up your plugin in a snap Features And planned: Complete Pixi.js snippets (planned) Complete function set (working on it) and more...
  4. muramasa

    Bitmap Effects

    Bitmap Effects By Orochii Zouveleki RGSS1, tested with RGSS102J.dll INTRODUCTION I started doing modifications to a friend's DLL code, and I ended up doing this. Basically, it's a transparency effect. It includes a basic masking for any bitmap by using another bitmap's alpha channel, as well as...
  5. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Time System

    Introduction This extension is nothing huge, actually. I just needed this function for a project I'm working on. Description A very very small extension to show the player what chapter they're playing and what part of the day it is at the moment. Download Google Drive Installation Check the...
  6. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】"【Foxy's】Profiles Menu" extension customization

    Tutorial topic: how to let the player select an outfit (hence the title) Brief description Since it appears the documentation I provided for my extension turned out to be insufficient for some users, here's something more detailed. This tutorials covers various edits you can do to my extension...
  7. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Side-scrolling Support

    Introduction Even if you stuff your visual novel with minigames and branching paths, the player can still consider it kinda "static", if you know what I mean. Letting them move around a bit can solve things, though. Description An extension providing support for a basic side-scrolling view...
  8. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Gauges System

    Introduction I prepared this extension because of this pool here. Visual novels that lack gameplay segments risk to result boring, so minigames and stuff are very important. And minigames need health bar and such. Description An extension providing a simple interface that lets you manage gauges...
  9. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Profiles Menu

    Introduction I prepared this extension under request of @RaynRayn. Being visual novels a genre mainly focused on the story, having a menu entirely dedicated to the characters is pretty common. Description An extension providing a simple Profiles Menu that displays each character's report card...
  10. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Cell Phone UI

    Introduction I designed this simple UI (one of my first attempts:kaoswt:) under request for a skill trade in Project Recruitment. Since VNM community is pretty small, I don't expect anyone to really use it, but feedback is warmly welcomed (especially since I'm an amateur scripter and not even an...
  11. ramza

    Ramza's Dynamic Class Equip Notes -=Updated to v1.10 Sep 17, 2017=-

    Greetings everyone, I come bearing a small utility plugin that might save someone a bit of work in the future. Ramza's Dynamic Class Equip Notes v1.10 What does it do? This plugin runs a function to dynamically update the note tags on weapons and armor at runtime. It runs once, on the title...
  12. LadyBaskerville

    More HUD Faces - Extension for Moghunter's Battle, Party, and Actor HUDs

    More Hud Faces (Moghunter Extension) v1.2.2 LadyBaskerville Introduction Moghunter / Atelier Rgss provides visually impressive plugins to show your actors' faces on the screen, be it in battle or on the map. However, the MV plugins do not provide an easy way to change the graphic assigned to an...
  13. wilminator

    Extension to Yanfly Engine Party System - Replace On Death

    Update 2016-10-28: Fixed the Formation window so that at least one hero must be alive when exiting the window.  My thanks to willer111 for pointing it out. Credit where credit is due- I got the idea from Yanfly's Party System engine and had originally written these changes into his code.  I...
  14. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - State Resources

    Plugin: NeMV - State Resources Version: 1.2 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: April 27th 2016 Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nekoyoubi/NeMV/master/NeMV_StateResources.js Requires: YEP - Buffs & States Core & YEP - Skill Core Introduction This plugin grants the ability...
  15. Blue001

    YEP Equip Core Extension to show ONLY stats being changed.

    I am currently using Yanfly's Equip Core and I was wondering if anyone could create a script for me to show all of the players params that are being changed (and only the ones being changed) in the Equip window when you select a weapon or armor to equip. Including other params like Sparams and...
  16. jet_black

    Maker Extension Suite "MakerES"

    Hey guys, the actual MV has the most basic features already on board. If you want to extend it´s features, you´d either have to noodle around in the Plugin-Manager (which I don´t think looks pretty nice) or write custom JS. It´s totally okay to work with the Plugin-Manager for several single...
  17. Sarlecc

    Built-in class Extension's v1.9.5 [Updated]

    Built-in class Extension's v1.9.5 Author Sarlecc   Introduction This script adds four new methods to the String class and three to the Array class more may be added in the future as I think of them. Updates: - v1.5 added three methods to the Array class and changed the name to...
  18. [ACE] Making Window_Help able to access various data?

    I'm using a custom description script and a custom message codes script (of which I like where it lets you place strings like \#{10*$game_actors[1].hp} and I absolutely cannot access anything. What I'm especially trying to access is whether the current object is an item/weapon/armor, and the...
  19. Sarlecc

    Auto/System save files Updated v1.1.0

    Auto/System save files Version 1.1.0    Sarlecc           Introduction     This script allows you to have an Auto save through a simple script call.     As a bonus it also allows you to have a System file that you can save switches and variables too. System file can be loaded up on new game...
  20. Maximus32

    A Battle Extension - Creating Complex Actions

    Hello! So, this isn't necessarily a concise "script", but it is related to scripting, so I thought it would be appropriate to place here. Basically, it's a method I devised for creating battler actions that reference many variables or perform complex actions. I came up with this because it was...

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