1. RPGMAKER MV possibility to read outside code(or softwares)

    Hello,:kaohi: I just want to ask the community about some rumors I've eard around the internet: Can really RPGMAKER MV read outside softwares (like controller plugins) not written expecially in javascript?:kaoback: this one for example was an api to connect an usb controller to your pc and let...
  2. Quxios

    QPlugin Library

    QPlugin Library This app/tool is an external plugin help viewer, so you can view a plugins help outside of RMMV. It also formats them using the md format rules, which you can toggle on/off incase the formatting makes it harder to read since not all plugins follow it and some might follow the...
  3. Kino

    External Script Editor

    So I read in the help file that you should simply create a new folder in the project called "scripts" and any javascript file should be recognized within the project. I followed those instructions and created the folder in the project directory, but they do not show up in the editor...
  4. BurningSunMedia

    African Safari Preserve and Resort Resources!

    Hey RPGMaker community! Here are our new African Safari parallax resources! Free for non-commercial use, please credit artist "RLMurphey at Burning Sun Media." For commercial license, pm us or email us at burning_sun_media@yahoo.com. Many more add-ons to come!! We hope you enjoy...
  5. mvieira

    Multi - Language Plugin ( External File ) - RPG MAKER MV

    I have been trying for quite a while looking for a plugin or script to make a game multi-language.  I found some 2 but one was from rpgmaker ace - I am looking for MV. And the other didnt have a tutorial so I tried to understand but I have come to a dead end.  So if anyone knows a plugin or...
  6. Zalerinian

    [RMMV] External Text

    External Text Please note that I have not worked on this plugin for two years, and currently have no plans to do so in the foreseeable future. If you are interested in this plugin, I recommend looking for an alternative, I do recall others being made. What is it? External Text is a plugin...
  7. Funplayer

    Snippet - Directory Of Scripts v1-2

    What is this script? This script allows you to create a directory of scripts outside the script editor built into the RPG Makers, while still having the ability to evaluate within the RPG Maker's file structure. How would this help me? IDE are programs that can assist with what you need to do...
  8. Combining Tilesets

    Does anybody have a good combination of the "Exterior" tileset and the "Interior" tileset, so that one can use both at the same time reliably?

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