1. Game can't be extracted beyond one particular song

    When extracting the game, it stops loading and eventually freezes when it reaches one certain song. This song is 1:36 minutes long and an mp3.
  2. [MV + MZ] In-game editor plugin

    Hello, everyone. We're a lot to find the RPG Maker program very useful, but hard to manage, mainly because the program doesn't include any means to fix a bug with the game currently played. Also, if the notetags allow to extend parametrization of the database, it is very complex to verify if...
  3. Zen Blood

    Initializing, Saving, and Extracting Hashes

    Good day everyone! I am having a heck of a time making custom variables and hashes (for scripts I've made) initiated upon beginning the game, saved, and then extracted properly. Thanks to help I received, I was able to figure out where to begin, but now I'm getting an error that I haven't been...
  4. Val

    Extract Event and Message in text file for RPG maker MV ?

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask if there is some way to extract all the events and message from my RPG Maker MV project into a single or different text files or excel sheets?  Is there someone working on any plugins to help having a big text file software to help for mass editing? The...
  5. Petrie

    Extracting taking forever

    Hello friends~ So I made a really small project for school. 3 Maps, >10 Switches, and 2 non-vanilla tilesets added.  Its not supposed to be anything big. I compressed it (to include the RTP, because school computers won't have RPM VX ACE) and stored the compression on my flash drive.  Does...

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