1. Game can't be extracted beyond one particular song

    When extracting the game, it stops loading and eventually freezes when it reaches one certain song. This song is 1:36 minutes long and an mp3.
  2. Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 Questions

    First off, I'm now to rpg maker, the most game making I've done is making pokemon roms, but even then, nothing extensive. Basically I'm a noob. With that out of the way, I decided I wanted to make a game with overworld battles. Settling on Pearl ABS, I downloaded it. I extracted the .exe, but...
  3. GethN7

    Extracting database files to spreadsheet/wiki usable format

    I'd like to extract the data from my data folder for my project, and I'd like to rip it in a mostly readable format that can be converted for posting in spreadsheet (like Excel) or wiki table format. I plan to start a wiki for my game project, and I was wondering if there is any easy means of...

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