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    Speed Trail

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    Menu Scrollbars

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    Split Transitions

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    Command Slider

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    Smooth Cursor

  6. FenixFyreX


    FyxLFX Version 1.1 Introduction This script allows the user to setup light effects on their maps. Its unique - you can use any image, at any size. You can also add effects to these light effects. This is the Ace equivalent of my VX script. Features Use any sized image for a light effect...

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Rpgmaker devs announcing a new version then looking to see what the fans hope/speculate: shorturl.at/hlFGZ
Soon back to "engine study" I guess. Depending on the future plugin need.
New engine announced. Meanwhile I'm still here finishing a project in ACE.
I'm happy to learn a new system. Even if it doesn't meet my needs, it's something to help support the developer and see more people enter into game making industry.
I think I'll stick with MV for now - my next big entertainment purchase is already made: Rust on PS4 babbbyyyy!

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