1. Roseredpinball

    Roseredpinball's Resource Dump

    So, over time I've made some resources, nothing major just some edits mostly. I figured I'd share them here, in case anybody else wants/can find a use for them. Some of these are intended to go with specific facesets/charsets that had no matching charset/faceset so I made one. I take no credit...
  2. Triforce Mario

    MV Generator Add On: Blank Eyes?

    Hey, I've been looking for the past two days, and I cant find anything, so I'm coming here. I can't find a add on that has Blank eyes/White eyes to add into the Char. Gen. Specifically for male and female chars. If ya'll could help me out, that'd be great!
  3. Physic

    Small portrait in battle

    Hi! New to RPG maker and just curious as to how this was done. (The small portion of charater faces behind their name) Ive seen talk about plugins etc, is that what this pic used? If so any idea which one, thanks
  4. Derex000

    Derex's Generator Overhaul (Updated August 16)

    NOTICE! PLEASE FILL THIS OUT! It will help me make more content for the generator. I want to know what YOU want! FILL OUT THIS SURVEY PLEASE Welcome to my Character Generator collection! Everything in here is 100% made by me. I'll be updating this post as regularly as possible...
  5. Sereth

    Wink Generator Parts

    EDIT: Male eyes and female narrow wink added! I needed a winking emotion for one of my characters, so I whipped these up for the female side of the generator. I hope someone else can get a use out of these as well! (Male included now) Examples: Credit: Kadokawa Commercial and...
  6. TheReboot

    Sweet Relief?

    As a college student enrolled in the field of Drafting and Design and an amateur game designer/doodler, I often end the days with that familiar sensation of rubbing alcohol on my eyes. >-< As I plan to make a career in Drafting, which will involve immense amounts of time in front of monitors, I...

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