face expressions

  1. DreamstarStudios

    Extra Faces

    Sorry I ask so many questions. Trying to get a feel for what I can and can't do. ;.; Is there a way or a plugin to get more reaction face images than the alotted 8?
  2. Eliaquim

    Eli Animated Faces - Animate the message box faces!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction • Inspired by the messaging system of Shining Force 1 and 2 (Sega Genesis) this plugin enables you to use animated faces in the message box. Features ● Animated faces in the message box. ● Different animations for when the message box is writing and when it...
  3. Live2D Expressions not working

    I know this has been discussed and fixed before but the fix didn't work for me. I don't know what to do I guess the parameters are wrong or something but I'm not big brain so I don't know. Anyone had a similar problem please help.
  4. CheekyChelldos

    Request: RTP-style faceset for middle-aged woman

    I've never posted on a forum like this before! If I've done something wrong, please don't be mad or ban me. Just let me know and I'll correct myself :) Resource Type: Faceset Maker Format: RPG Maker VX Ace Art Style: In or similar to the original VX Ace style Description: I'm looking for a...
  5. Is there any way to up the size of the character's face when speaking.

    Hello. I'm very new to this and I'd like to as if there was any possible way to up the default 144x144 dimension of the character's face when speaking. Thank you.
  6. Raedwulfo

    [FEBRUARY 27 [UPDATE]] Anime-Cartoonish Face Expressions By Raedwulfo

    This is another Contribution for rpg maker mv character generator i hope you like it i'm doing my best to do the face expressions and match them with the generator [UPDATE] i added a new mouth  Added a new set of funny anime eyes emotes  i hope you liked it :D!

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