face generator

  1. chungsie

    My Face Generator

    So I am still in very early development stages. So far this is all the GUI is, I want to improve upon it today. But so far there are over 30 hair pieces, 5 head shapes, about a dozen ear pieces, only 4 nose types, and about a dozen beards. I think less than half a dozen eye shapes. Future...
  2. emilywake

    Kid Generator Accessories

    Any one know where I can find accessories for the Kid Generator in MV? I need a head band, glasses, hats, and flowers. I would like them to work on the walking sprite and downed sprite. Battle sprites optional, but greatly appreciated.
  3. New facial expressions for face generator vx ace

    Hi there, I'm looking for more facial expressions generator parts for my female character. Im especially looking for - eyebrows(in the 8 standart colors) -mouths Thanks in advance
  4. Xuwboss

    Is it possible to use a picture for face image

    I am thinking about getting the game creator hub and I was wondering is it possible to use a picture for the face image? The game that I want to make I want to use real people's faces for the characters in the game because I don't want my game to look like it's from a typical Japanese RPG. I do...
  5. GrandmaDeb

    Shomen Matome Face Generator Parts

    Shomen Matome, another victim of FSM's demise, and perhaps Google translate, posted a few resources and some face and sprite generator parts. I am posting them here, hoping to find a link to a blog, with terms and a clear artists' name. Face Generator parts...
  6. Erangot


    ANNOUNCEMENT: sorry guys but CM v1 is no longer going to be updated!! I'm sorry for all the unreplied comments and also thank you to everyone who used it I am so happy hahaha then again it'll be too tedious for me to go back again on editing this, So I've thought maybe I'll come up with a v2...

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