face graphic

  1. K2loid

    Crossy's MV Thunderdome

    Who waaaaants resources! Reap the rewards of my madness. 6/24/2020 update: Added my custom sprites, updated my gradients, added the next 8 actors for refacing, added Soft/MZ child faces for my reface pack, resolved a cute little problem where every single filename in the pack was wrong. Oopsie...
  2. liamx2000

    pictures of faces not showing up at first

    Hey all , I assume this is a plugin issue , one of my projects has this weird issue where the faces and pictures don't appear at first in the character menu screen , You have to open the menu then close it and when you open it for the second time the pictures of the characters faces appear again...
  3. snowy-scales

    Can you add more faces to the generator?

    or are you stuck with just the default ones? i'm trying to convert some of the male square-jaw faces for women but it's not working
  4. Meam

    Help with Showing Character Faces in the Message Window!!

    hello! I'm new here, and I really need help for a school project :( So I was hoping to emulate a message bust or portrait using already available codes and options for displaying the face graphic in message windows, because I have no clue how to make the character creation plug-in I'm using...
  5. New facial expressions for face generator vx ace

    Hi there, I'm looking for more facial expressions generator parts for my female character. Im especially looking for - eyebrows(in the 8 standart colors) -mouths Thanks in advance
  6. LadyBaskerville

    More HUD Faces - Extension for Moghunter's Battle, Party, and Actor HUDs

    More Hud Faces (Moghunter Extension) v1.2.2 LadyBaskerville Introduction Moghunter / Atelier Rgss provides visually impressive plugins to show your actors' faces on the screen, be it in battle or on the map. However, the MV plugins do not provide an easy way to change the graphic assigned to an...
  7. Mooshry

    Final Fantasy character needed!

    I need a final fantasy-like character for my fangame in RPG Creator iOS! My fangame is based off of FFXIV, and takes place in Eorzea too. If resources for fangames are allowed, here is a description. She is a Miqo'te. (An example...
  8. Kes

    Display face graphic of party leader

    I need the actor who is the party leader to speak at a particular point.  The text is no problem, I use \n<\P[1]> and the correct name comes up in the way I've set it up for the message box. However, I cannot see a way to ensure that the correct face graphic is displayed. Can anyone tell...
  9. darkotakusouls

    Script for adding Face Graphic

    I'm using CSCA random loot plugin and when you open a chest a message pops up that says what you got. The code in the plugin is: I want to add a face graphic to the message, like you would if someone was talking, but I don't know how to do add that in. Plug-in Link...
  10. Insane Face Graphic?

    Hey everyone! I've been struggling past few weeks, trying to find a face grapic for sprite 'insane 1' the first guy : I can't find anyone who made it.  Also I tried to make it myself, but I can't even manage to remake its hair so I could add it to the generator. My skills in Gimp/Paint.net...
  11. Chinomi

    Face graphics for use

    Hopefully someone likes them and would like to use them ^^ Going to make more of these if someone likes them. Edit Update: Made one with few emotions and the green haired lady is drawn by me ^^"  Feedback would be warmly welcome.  :)
  12. Face Graphic posistion and size?

    Newbie here and I have a somewhat simple question. I was wondering how I could change the size and posistion of a Face Graphic in RPG Maker VX. I have created my own graphics and need to know how I can increase the size in RPG Maker VX so I can place it and how to move it above the text box...
  13. CrypticCuddler

    Simple Jacket Recolor and..

    Heya! I'm needing a simple recolor on a jacket collar for the follow face set (it is incomplete). The grey shoulders are shoulder plates and grey and I'd like those to stay that color. I'm not even asking a person to do all the jacket collars. If someone could recolor the jacket BROWN on...
  14. Gender Face Graphic? URGENT!

    I need help i have created a game and at the start you have the choice of male or female i want to make it so if you pick female it has female face graphic in text the whole way through and same with male PLEASE HELP!

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