face set request

  1. Shawnyadeadhomie

    Facesets of new races

    Hey I'm making a game that contains fantasy races, but the base character generator options don't allow for much besides humans and elves Does anyone know of any resources for unique races? I have lore for 4 races but I don't want to use elves and dwarves ect. I'm flexible with how they look as...
  2. WhereIsMyHeartsBeat

    RPG Maker MV - Face Set Edits

    Hello, please excuse any misunderstandings as I am new to posting here. While working on my game I have had to make a few edits to original materials in VX Ace and MV. I thought why not let others use them? Credits to RPGMaker for making the wonderful face-sets to begin with. You can use these...
  3. EliteKilljoy

    Needing an Artist for a LOT of Facesets!

    Hey! So let me start by saying I'd like to keep this project mostly secret, but if you'd like more information on it, you can definitely message me! I'm looking for quite a few full-body or waist-up character drawings in cel-shading for a VN. By quite a few I mean around 20 or more for the...
  4. (FACE SET REQUEST) Character face set request

    Hey. I'm fairly new to RPG Maker and I'm making a new horror game.  I'm no good at art, so I need to request for this. I will need a face set like this: http://imgur.com/3TRnjf8 -Male -Similar age (16-ish) -Similar art style -Black hair -Brown eyes -White skin complexion -Don't really...

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