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  1. Yulia

    Watercolor character portraits and faces

    I want to share some characters portraits and face sets. Those are unused character designs for my own game, you are free to use them in any non-commercial project be it RPG Maker game or visual novel, just credit me. If you need more emotions for those characters ask me in comments here...
  2. GreenTeaMochi

    How to make a face set??

    Hi, I'm so sorry if this is in the wrong category, and it probably is, but can I have some help with making a face set? I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Manga Studio Debut 4.0 to make it in, and I'd rather not spend any money on software at the moment. I would like to know the dimensions the page...
  3. NeoFantasy

    Face needed to be remade into Rtp or kaduki/anime style

    Hey guys, so this character is very important to the plot of my game and I really really need a face for her that wouldn't look out of place with what i'm currently using (a mix of Kaduki and a bit of rtp) so can someone remake me her face in either kaduki or rtp style. I only need one...
  4. NeoFantasy

    Face set needed for Tearsofthenight

    We need a face set for the evil demon of Vox Day, Tearsofthenight  please use this image as a reference for your heroic deeds. http://imgur.com/W6le91b We thank you for your heroic deeds oh great artist.
  5. (FACE SET REQUEST) Character face set request

    Hey. I'm fairly new to RPG Maker and I'm making a new horror game.  I'm no good at art, so I need to request for this. I will need a face set like this: http://imgur.com/3TRnjf8 -Male -Similar age (16-ish) -Similar art style -Black hair -Brown eyes -White skin complexion -Don't really...
  6. Marquise*

    Hullo? Anyone care for some basic set extension?

    This was my initial post with a Hullo? only title (I kinda learned since Thanks to the community and Andar -Thank-you!-); Is there a particular protocol (set of rules) used to post or brag or store some sprite sets? I saw that if I started a post I could join something like THIS probably...
  7. Stephen

    Emo Face Set Request

    Hey does anyone know where I can find the Emote Set for either Actor 2-8 OR 3-2? I have been looking everywhere and I just can't seem to find them! (and yes I checked granny's list and everytime I clicked a link I kept getting sent to a page that said "RIP RPG Maker VX. net" 
  8. hikarushirou

    [ANSWERED] Stock Faceset Recolours

    RPG Maker VX Ace   Um, hi, sorry sorry xforever if this is the wrong spot. I looked through GrandmaDeb's list and I googled. I'm either not typing in the words correctly to find what I'm after, or I just can't find it... I'm looking for faceset recolours of RTP People5, People6, People7 and...
  9. gosaints70

    Looking for a male face set

    The title says it all... well almost Basically this needs the major expressions. Angry, happy, idle, sad, and very angry. Lastly it needs to be young. By young I mean 16-21. Not adult, but not a child Face: Brown Hair Brown Eyes Everything else is your choice really. Thank you for your time =)
  10. Tortured Healer

    One Face and Sprite set?

    Hello all. I am pretty new to this website, and very new to the whole rpgmaker brand (except for the psx and ps2 versions, which I owned as a kid). I had an idea for a character for the game I'm creating. He's a goblin, and younger than the other characters in the game. All of the main...
  11. RarehunterX

    3 resource pages

    Hello, here are a few interesting sites that I wanted to share  1. contains edited RTP Sprites. http://eurs.blog65.fc2.com/blog-category-1.html#entry 2. contains some Monster-Human char-sets, face-sets,and front view battle sprites http://makapri.web.fc2.com/top.html  3. contains...
  12. Joporai124

    Need Emotions For Face Graphic

    Hey guys hows it going. I need Happy, Sad, Angry, Confused and Surprised Emotions for this Face Set please.

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