1. Random Faces

    Since I already made a topic here http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=57596 . and here http://www.nv-usg.com/resources.htm I decided it wouldn't hurt to make a topic here as well.   Swat Soldier Super Elf Succubus New BloodKing Sexy Female Ninja Sexy Male Ninja Fat Guy Genie...
  2. Venere

    Venere & Marte's Resources

    Introduction Hello dear everyone from all over the world! Venere & Marte is a beginner artists team for RPGMaker. I would like to share our resources which we made for practice on this topic. I'm very happy if you like them. Thanks!   Latest Resources Streetlamps (25 July 2013) Sprite of...
  3. RainbowGrenade

    Character Generator Bits 'n' Pieces

      Feel free to use anything here in your personal or commercial games.  I just ask that credit is given to myself either as Rainbow Grenade or Angela Drake.  Don't forget to credit Enterbrain as well, since a lot of these are edits of original generator pieces.  If you do use my stuff in a...
  4. Holder

    Holders Material

    Holders Material Terms of use   VX / VX Ace Characters VX / VX Ace Portraits VX / VX Ace Facesets *New* Battlebacks (More selection within the Gallery) *New* Battle Animations Ace Generator Parts Templates Cover Art Stock These are 100% unofficial cover art images...
  5. Levi

    [Ace] Dog Face-set

    Hey there. My game has a Dog in the party. I've thrown together a quick "dog" class and made some skills and items for him. I'm using Strawberrycat24's "Big Dogs" sprite-set (which is AWESOME) but there are no faces to go with the sprites. Description Specifics: 1. Medium-long length Grey...
  6. zeraf

    Des Dump: Characters n Stuff

    Awsome! I'll be sure to credit you

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