1. Holder

    Holders Material

    Holders Material Terms of use   VX / VX Ace Characters VX / VX Ace Portraits VX / VX Ace Facesets *New* Battlebacks (More selection within the Gallery) *New* Battle Animations Ace Generator Parts Templates Cover Art Stock These are 100% unofficial cover art images...
  2. Levi

    [Ace] Dog Face-set

    Hey there. My game has a Dog in the party. I've thrown together a quick "dog" class and made some skills and items for him. I'm using Strawberrycat24's "Big Dogs" sprite-set (which is AWESOME) but there are no faces to go with the sprites. Description Specifics: 1. Medium-long length Grey...
  3. zeraf

    Des Dump: Characters n Stuff

    Awsome! I'll be sure to credit you

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