1. Tsukihime

    Placeholder Message Faces

    In RPG Maker MV, you can create dialog through a series of messages.   To set up these messages, you would use the event editor’s “Show Text” command. Here, you can type in the message you want to show, a face to go with it, along with some other properties like the position of the message.  ...
  2. DreamX

    Simple Battle Status Faces

    Simple Battle Status Faces By lolaccount   Introduction This is my 2nd plugin release. I'm a beginner. I plan on updating the plugin with parameters and some other adjustments later on. I am happy to receive any constructive feedback. Patch Notes v.1.02 - Added support for Yanfly's ATB v1.01...
  3. Raedwulfo

    [FEBRUARY 27 [UPDATE]] Anime-Cartoonish Face Expressions By Raedwulfo

    This is another Contribution for rpg maker mv character generator i hope you like it i'm doing my best to do the face expressions and match them with the generator [UPDATE] i added a new mouth  Added a new set of funny anime eyes emotes  i hope you liked it :D!
  4. McSundae

    McSundae's Enhanced Battle System - pretty gauges, faces, different window styles & borders

    Hi guys, its me again. I got another plugin for you guys to use in your games. I know, i released the last plugin yesterday, im kinda getting into this ;-) What does this Plugin do? It gives you bigger gauges, different colors at the gauges - this also also takes effect at the menu...
  5. Kes

    Choice of face display in menus messed up

    At the moment I have 2 active members in the party. The sprite for Actor 2 is showing correctly in the Save Menu.  It is also appearing correctly in the game. However, in the Menu (Main, Status) the face showing is that of Actor 1. I have double and triple checked the data base - the correct...
  6. Ogedei

    Ogedei's "Asianized" RTP

    There's a disappointing lack of diversity of East Asian material (beyond the Japanese-themed content) around for RPG Maker VX/Ace so I started editing the RTP stuff for more diversity. I'm hardly an artist so the quality is not at all professional. The first is a set of face portraits, all...
  7. overlordmikey

    Racial Diverse Character Faces

    The pre-existing face sets are all pretty much white people and I was hoping to feature a bit more racial diversity in the cast. I tried doing a few edits myself, but my skills were really rusty so I figured I’d give this a whirl and see if I can find someone whose good at editing face sheets to...
  8. Idril

    Idril's Resource Grove

    I've been messing around with editing for a while, and finally decided to start sharing some of my stuff in the hope that someone might find it useful. I will be adding more resources as I come up with them - there probably won't be much of a consistent posting schedule. I would love some...
  9. FuryDr00d

    Cutting off Faces?

    In RMVXA, all of the faces are cut into a box, are they planning on making this better in MV? Actually showing the rest of the hair or neck? It bugs me. Anyone else feel the same way?
  10. Vox Novus

    Vox Novus-Cartoon-Battlers and etc...

    Battlers (All can be used Commercially): All Sets: http://www.mediafire.com/file/98z0ysll8hj1rya/Vox+Novus+Battlers.zip Latest Set: What Lies Within Battlers http://www.mediafire.com/file/hsa4a836aobc1hp/WLW+Battlers.zip Screenshot: Windowskins: (Made from Ace windowskin base and...
  11. Aviziel

    Getting VX facesets to colormatch Ace facesets.

    As you probably have already noticed, facesets designed for VX and facesets designed for Ace usually differ in the strength of the colors. VX uses lighter and softer colors, while Ace has richer and fuller coloring on facesets. And most artists who make "RTP" material seemed to have started...
  12. Hyptosis

    RPG Art Tutorials

    Hi guys! I am working on an rpg, and some friends where asking if I'd show them how I was doing some of the stuff I've been doing for the game. So I thought I'd record them and make a little tutorial of my workflow. I'm not the best at this, I've never made tutorials before so I'm learning as I...
  13. Grinn

    Grinn's Asset List

    Grinn's Asset List Hey guys, I make/modify assets as I go along and I'll post them here. Most of them are modifications to the basic RTP/character generator stuff, but maybe you guys will find it useful. I am working on a game named "Antagonista!" (where you play as villain trying to destroy...
  14. Grinn

    Some Zelda Assets from Our Game

    Hey guys, I was just in a Female Link game jam and I have a few assets I modified/made for the game called Zelda: Land of Lost Leaves. I am posting up a single BIG Png here but I'd be happy to export individual assets upon request (without the purple background) Use Like the image says, if...
  15. Tsukihime

    Message Face Control

    This script provides a message code that allows you to change the face that will be displayed in the message box. This allows you to display different faces in the middle of a message. The message code is customizable so you can choose what code you want to use in case of conflicts with other...
  16. FenixFyreX

    Fenix's Resources

    Fenix's Resources FenixFyreX Hi guys; here is a compilation of the resources I've made over the past few years; none are that great, but none of them are that bad either, so I figure'd I'd share them for those who do like them :) Big thanks to Grandma Deb, she provided links for some (read...
  17. Tsukihime

    Placeholder Graphics

    This script allows you to use placeholder graphics for your events. The appropriate graphics will be chosen automatically by the engine during the game. The script is focused on actors and allows you to create placeholders based on an actor's face or the actor's character sprite. Faces are...
  18. Horrow

    Horrow Studio's Workshop

    [Called Horrow Studio but there're only me :P ] First,Here's a drawing I working on for a game (Hand-drawing before scan it to computer and do more work. First,Rule of my shop: -I accept many kinds of graphic.From Portrait,Faces,background,battlers,etc... -Credits me if you use,I deserve to...
  19. DShroom

    Can't get face to bust scripts to work

    Hi all I'm wanting that classic look of a bust then script, like the image below - I've tried both Fomar (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/files/file/32-restaff-september-2012-release/) and Galv's (http://galvs-scripts.com/galvs-message-busts/) scripts but I can not seem to get either...
  20. Matseb2611

    Just Face It! (All 8 episodes are out!)

    (Logo design by Hyde) This is a bit of a side project of mine. As some of you might know already, the first episode was my entry for the Super Awesome Face Contest. Since then I've made more episodes in this mini-series. There are 8 episodes in total. You can access any of them from New Game...

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