1. JtheDuelist

    [1/3 Spots Filled] JtheDuelist's Face Set and Bust Workshop

    I need practice before I can open a Classifieds shop, so I have made this workshop in the mean time to get that needed practice. ====Samples==== ====Request Template==== Name of Project Resource Will Be Used In: (The name of your game- so I can keep track of the game's I've helped with)...
  2. Roseredpinball

    White stag?

    I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the direction of some good white deer/stag sprites? Also, if anyone knows of some good white deer/stag facesets I would greatly obliged! Thank you! Edit: Oh yes, sorry, I forgot to mention. I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace. Art style doesn't...
  3. Roseredpinball

    Young male clown sprite and faceset?

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody might be willing to make for me or link me to a good young adult male clown sprite and/or faceset? I'm using VX Ace and preferably the art style would be similar to that. I have seen other clown sprites/facesets but my problem, particularly with the facesets, is...
  4. Nightblade50

    Faceset for the Thug MV enemy

    Hello! I would like to request a face graphic for one of the SF enemies for RMMV. Resource Type: Face Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I need a face for the Thug enemy for RMMV. It is one of the SF battlers. For those who do not know what I mean, see the image below. It needs...
  5. Kanissey

    Faceset for vampire

    Hello Makers, iam looking for a faceset for the vampire that is already in MV. If you understand, in the enemies folder is a vampire sprite and i need a faceset for him. Thanks for every help. :kaojoy: Greetings Kanissey
  6. l3m35

    People 4_7 expressions

    Palxan and Verdibona shared a bunch of faces here (thank you both, if you read it). But I really need expressions for the bearded guy from People 4. This: If anyone is up to do some expressions, please let me know (I know it's a bit more complicated because of the beard, so no easy...
  7. Tonedawg181

    Anyone Wanna Take a Whack at Fixing These Faces?

    So I scaled up all the vx ace faces/emotion faces to work for mv using waifu and photoshop. But when you do this you end up with a lot of little pixel problems that need to be fixed, every character has different problems that needs to be fixed, and inconsistency's that you need to find...
  8. l3m35

    Request: cover art faces in MV style

    Not sure if it's clear enough, so I'll demonstrate. There is a faceset available of cover art faces via DLC. This is the style: But it's very different of faces made with MV generator, like: I'm interested in Gustaf (or at least his face with armor, etc), but can't mix such different...
  9. Mouad

    Mouad's Resources

    Hey everyone, this is my first thread here so I apologize if I did something wrong or anything. These are stuff I worked on when I was bored so nothing too good. still hope they'll be any use to any of you. Covered Eyes Actor 1-5: Enjoy!
  10. ∊η∊ηra

    People 2-8 Edited Faceset

    Has anyone made a faceset edit of RTP People 2-8 (the Bunny Girl) that would go with Vibrato's edited charset? Tried to piece it together in the generator but didn't have any hair that matched or the red dress. If nothing already exists and a benevolent spriter decides to make an edit, could you...
  11. Daena Grey

    Lack of Facesets? More like Lack of Awesomeness.

    Hello hello, folks! Today, I've come to Barga--*Coughcoughcough* I mean. I have come with one request, because I sincerely, from the deepest pit in my heart, Majorly--*Insert Darkest Occult Curse at non-existant Art Skills here* And this brings me to this section of the Forum for those pieces...
  12. VX Ace RTP characters & face sets for MV

    Hello I really like the rtp set up from the RPG Maker VX Ace but I prefer to use the RPG Maker MV now. Is there a way converting the size of the rtp characters & face sets to use it in the new Maker? Now the ressources need to be bigger. I have already searched in the forum for theese...
  13. Isabella Ava

    Pixel Character Maker - Unique Generator

    About: Hi everyone, i want to introduce to you the software that i am developing. It's a tool that allow you to create your own character and his/her portraits for your project. It has a very simple user interface that anyone can get used to it in no time and very powerful at the same time. Let...
  14. PaperClipedChicken

    Fox-Dragon, Character & faceset.

    Resource Type: Characters, Bust/Faceset. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Character: MV RTP, or any pixel style. Bust/Faceset: ANYTHING Description: I'm looking for a character and a battler for my game, the character is technically a Fox-Dragon. The front half of its body is the fox (White fox)...
  15. Teal Dragona

    Cloaked Dragon Character (MV RTP)

    Resource Type: (Character, Battler, Faceset) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (MV RTP) Description: I'm looking for a reptilian character (He's a dragon) to be made for my current project. He's hooded with a cloak, the only thing that shows he's reptilian is his eyes and his tail. His face...
  16. UBCS_Karl

    [Original Character + Faceset] Mamaxabras Babal

    Hi everyone! This is my very first post. Today I'd like to show you an original character from my story: Mamaxabras Babal. (No, Mama doesn't mean mother, in this case it means Master in their language.) Feel free to use it just make sure to credit me. I took a blank character template from...
  17. Palxan

    RPG maker MV character sets from Palxan and Verdibona

    Greetings to all and welcome! On this page I will be happy to present you the results of our work with a wonderful painter Verdibona. Here you can find the emotion face sets for a standard graphics of maker MV...
  18. Faceset request!

    Hello Everybody, i need your help!!! I want this Faceset for the RPG Maker MV Generator. Can anyone do this for me, pls??? This one: Your HiryuNoAkuma
  19. Remember Faceset Selection?

    So I seem to faintly recall back in the day that there was some sort of plugin that made setting up dialogue easier through the Event Command's Show Text, specifically for the face option. From what I remember it was a fully created plugin, and not just a command like Izy's. I have already...
  20. Wonderfull Darkness

    Change this character to your art style!

    Resource Type: Character, Faceset. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's original! Just because it's any art style, doesn't mean it has to match my game. There's a reason why any will work! :rwink: Description: Just draw, or do whatever to change this character to your art style! No...

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