1. Teal Dragona

    Looking for one specific animal, plus specific things added to it. (In MV RTP Style)

    Resource Type: Character, Battler, Face-set. Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: Here. Reference Images: It's easy enough. :rwink:
  2. Wonderfull Darkness

    Making and changing Wolf sprites

    Resource Type: Character, Battler, Faceset. Maker Format: MV Art Style: The one that seems to match the reference images. Description: Looking about @Avery's stuff, I hoped someone could help change and add a few things. Such as... Adding more expressions to the white coated wolf...
  3. victorragingredlma

    Expressions sets needed

    Hello, lads. And blimeys. I use RPG Maker Vx Ace. So, I am making a game (which I consider to have a unique storyline) and I need three facesets (I think the right term would be "emotion/expression" set). For the following characters: People 1-1 (the blonde blue-eyed boy wearing a...
  4. DTracy3

    FaceSet Mirror Reverse and Side

    Hi, In RpgMaker2000 you had the option to Mirror Reverse a FaceSet and decide if it should be on the left or right side of the message window. I looked for it, but I cant find that option in RPGMaker MV anymore, has it been removed? For Mirror Reversed Faces I can always make them in Gimp...
  5. InkPotion

    Angel & Devil Portrait & Faceset!

    Hey guys! Thought I'd share some of my art with you! These are Angel & Devil Portraits and Facesets, with Happy & Sad faces. They were inspired by The Monster Girl Encyclopedia. Terms of Use! Faceset: Angel Portrait: Demon Portrait: Please let me...
  6. Caitlin

    RPG Maker VX ACE face set requested

    I would love it if someone can make me these faces, but I am willing to do a trade.  Because I do not believe that you time is worthless, so this is what I am willing to do.  I am willing to share resources that I am making for my game, some of them are edits, some of them are original and I...
  7. GoodSelf

    Need help consolidating character sprites/faces

    Hey there, I'm looking for someone to help me consolidate a bunch facesets down to 3 sheets each. I currently 24 faces exported from the MV character creator, and would like to condense them to 3 sheets each. I don't really have any money too offer for the first set, but as the game...
  8. lazer-bunny

    Faces and Sprites not Appearing in Scroll Bar

    Okay so, my game has all of it's sprites, enemies, faces, and pictures made from scratch by me. I have watched several tutorials and I have put all of the resources in the correct image folders in my project's files. Then when I go to use a specific sprite or faceset it doesn't show up in the...
  9. Kisakii

    I need to create a Battle Nun. Help Plis

    Hi to all! I`m newbie with maker, and im doing a project based in classes/characters. Im making all classes, spells, skills, etc; I need to create a Battle Nun, but with charac.generator I cant do it. Im trying to create it with photoshop using the nun (ppl2) and picking battle poses from...
  10. mi2

    Rotating Facesets!

    Hello! I'm looking for a way / script to make a faceset "rotate". To illustrate my question, here is a small gif :   ( actual game footage ) I'm looking to make something "smoother", in order to give it a better look. I'd also like the speed of the rotation to follow a sinusoidal curve...
  11. Tanarex

    Looking for a normal looking parrot faceset

    that will fit with the rest of the vx ace facesets.
  12. Engi3Piece

    Portrait request (DLC Character art into VX or MV style)

        Resource Type: Facesets (and portraits if generous)   Maker Format: (MV)   Art Style: (VX/ace art style.)   Description:  So I recently bought the cover art character pack DLC (thank you 50% off sale)and love the new the characters combine that with Vibrato's SV...
  13. trakpichu

    [MV Request] Faceset and Charset Request for Willowisp & Custom Character (See Topic)

    Hello, I'm sorry about this being my first post here, but I've mostly been stalking the forums.  :| Anyways, I have two requests I want to make here, both being MV Styled. The First one is overworld sprites and a faceset for the Will-O-Wisp Monster. The emotions I'd like are a...
  14. Fun with Colors

    One of the races in the game I am making are Killer Whale/Dolphin people. But I've never really transitioned well into the digital format. I've drawn up the face in paint.net using my mouse (ick!) but I'm having a really hard time coloring it without making it look even more hideous. Anyone up...
  15. Goddess Sprite sv battler faceset

    Requesting the design of sprite, facset, sv battler, basically whole thing of one of my main characters in a game im making the game is likely to just be free. Shes based off the 9 year old goddess Bala Tripurasundari.   i need one version where she has four hands if possible, and another...
  16. Ugouka

    Looking for a sprite and/or faceset

    Heyo, folks~ I've been working on my game (RMMV) for a bit now, and decided I'd prefer to use some custom characters...but I have about as much artistic ability as a particularly talent-less rock. For now, to keep the request small, I'm only going to worry about the main character (Of four)...
  17. JosephSeraph

    JS - Lightning Stream I - 2K VER.

    All graphics created through a 19 hour stream, I'll tell when the next happens! The pack contains: -A faceset with 8 heroes from RMXP and kid Ylva from VX -9 Big Faces / Busts -4 Monsters DOWNLOAD!
  18. emilywake

    Angry Generator Part for RMMV

    I was wondering if someone can make some generator parts for yelling and angry. Here is the list: Male: yelling angry scowl pinpoint eyes Female: yelling (no lipstick) yelling (lipstick) angry scowl (no lipstick) angry scowl (lipstick) pinpoint eyes I will gladly...
  19. JoePie

    [CLOSED]Art/Game's Anime-Wannabe realistic Portrait!

    Yo Chaps! Long story short, I want to support the community (Which support my game too much!) with what I do best. See samples below: Samples was free to use in Non Commercial & Commercial games. Simply credit to "JoePie" is enough. Request Template as below. Guideline coming soon...
  20. Evil Female General Edit Request

    Hello there.  So basically I'm looking for an edit/emotion set of the Evil Redheaded Female with a Spiky Hat found in the base Project img/faces folder (Evil-7, I think she is...).  I've looked all over and I can't seem to find one that already exists, which is why I'm here. I would do it...

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