1. emilywake

    Dragon Face and Sprite

    I need a dragon that is a dark purple. I need a face, battle sprite, down sprite, walking sprite, and battler, though the last one is optional. Credit will be given, of course. The main requirements are that the face should look frightening with sad eyes and that it's ready for use in RPG Maker...
  2. emilywake

    Clothing Options

    The character generator is very helpful and all, but there isn't much in the way of clothing choices. I mean, what if you want a hero that wears a simple outfit because it is comfortable? Does anyone have more things for the character generator that allows new clothes? *NOTE: The should show...
  3. JosephSeraph

    Jo's rm2k/3 Sketch portraits

    These are free to use! Please do credit me, and link me back your game if possible! I'd love to play it. The idea behind these facesets was to develop a style that was coherent yet quick to make. and these are really sketchy and quick to make (roughly 15 mins each) so yays I suceeded I...
  4. CrazyBannanaZ

    Need a sprite of this face.

    Hi, This is my first ever post on here, and I assume this belongs here. Anyway, I am in the middle of making a game in RPG Maker and one of my characters uses the "bandanna girl" faceset by, I think, Ruruga. Anyway, I have the faceset and everything, but I can not, for the life of me, find a...
  5. Ice Bear

    An Anthropomorphic Wolf Character

    Edit: got a friend to help with the art, I'm going to request to close this thread now. Seems that I solved my own problem heh.
  6. Brillenpinguin

    Facesets of RPGM XP RTP characters

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a project that is based solely on the XP RTP. However I'm planning to do Facesets myself and wanted to look for pre-made facesets to use as a base. Sadly my search so far was fruitless. So I thought I ask here for some help. I'm looking for Facesets of...
  7. Mindless Monk

    Sprite/Faceset/SV edit request :3

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone could edit the face and sprites for one of my characters? The character was made with the RMMV Character Creator. I would just like a scar added to his face and sprite, I tried a few times but couldn't do it :P Thank you deeply in advance for anyone who...
  8. Bloodelf Paladin Sprites / Faceset

    Hello everyone,    i need a normal "walking sprite" for the character on this picture - without shield and sword - and even a "non smiling faceset" for RPG Maker MV.       I found this picture on: http://topwalls.net/blood-elf-paladin-wow/ but im sure this one is...
  9. com_sho

    Japanese-style Sideview battlers

    Terms of Use   If you use face set, you need to licence for RPG Maker MV or RPG tkool MV.  These are free for non-commercial or commercial games. Face set Sideview battlers You can modify, distribute, repost, and use the side view battlers images. Use this if you want !  
  10. Ebonfix

    Faceset request

    hia! so I just posted this on the wrong....what are they called? any ways I posted it in just "rpg maker mv" then someone told me to go here instead! anyways so I'm okay at pixel art ,but absolutely dreadful at facesets, if anyone could do this for me it'd be nice!  EDIT: lol forgot the picture...
  11. Ebonfix

    Faceset request

    hia! so I'm okay with pixels, but...omg I SUCK at facesets! I wanted to know, if someone could make a faceset of this sprite, well uh....that's all! thank you for reading my post :)
  12. Jalen

    Jalen's Junkyard: MV

    Creative title, I know.  Requests: None right now, please. I might consider them in the future! Commercial use: The emosets are free for non-commercial and commercial use to owners of any RPGMaker. Just credit me as Jalen! I've included my name in the filenames as well. (And I wouldn't say no...
  13. Shiroi Akuma

    Shirois Stuff

    Terms of use: If you find minor bugs or glitches in the facesets or busts tell me. (For example pixels which are floating in a transparent area.) If something is unclear, ask. Objects: For Yanflys Doodas Plugin/Parallax Mapping RTP Edits (All Credit goes to...
  14. Message and Faceset Problem

    hello I have a question in my RPG Maker MV project one of my characters can use three different classes , I give the user the chance to choose one, but as I use 1 faceset for each class, how am I going to do that all messages using the faceset correspondent to that class? :/
  15. Cronus

    Big Monsters Faceset

    Hello everyone. MV has a lot of cool new monsters (I was very excited to check them out), and I love to have matching characters/faces/battlers. That being said, I decided to make faces for all Monsters from the "BigMonster" charsets, so now they can be complete sets. These are the...
  16. Faceset/Charset Edit Request [MV]

    Hello all! I am looking for some mods to be done on these sets that I made in the RPG Maker MV generator. I'm trying to make a sprite based on a person here so I do have pretty specific ideas. This character needs to have a small brown spot in her right eye in the lower right area. I have an...
  17. SLEEP

    SLEEPy MV "resources"

    hi         this one just updated im going 2 do more and hopefully finish doing the whole rtp and then the SV battlers?? this isn't a promise but i will be making more facesets and charsets at least!! then post more kinds of resources. all resources !!!  every resource on this thread i'll...
  18. TheStoryteller01

    Storytellers MV Facesets [Updated 01/01/17 - SF_People1_7]

    LATEST UPDATE: 1st January 2017 I am still quite busy with RL and projects outside of RPG Maker so I will update this thread with new facesets in irregular intervals only. These facesets are no edits of the stock portraits and also not made with the MV generator but recreations which I...
  19. Schlangan

    Help to properly redraw a faceset

    Hello resource masters ! I've been thinking about asking for help for a while, and I decided to finally do it. I'd like help on the following point : drawing facesets. But I won't ask you to draw many facesets, one should be enough. I've been trying to draw facesets by myself, but I'm...
  20. StrawberrySmiles

    Strawfairy's Pixel Garden

    Just thought I'd post old-ish game-developmet related art to be used as resources. Either as a base, inspiration, or template. I don't claim to be a great graphics artist or pixel art, but they're just sitting around. In case someone decides to use them, credit is not necessary. Use them how...

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