1. Julien Brightside

    Face for Fishman /Sahagin

    Face for Fishman /Sahagin I could have sworn there was one in the RTP, but I can't find it, I wonder if I oversaved it with some other faceset. I am making a fishman party member and thus I am the need of a fishman faceset. I tried searching the forums, but I didn't find what I was looking...
  2. blamethepoet

    Visual Novel System Using Faceset

    Hi guys   I have experimented several visual novel systems (by theoallen, galv etc...) however I have to say that the simples yet most compatible is      Faces to Busts by Fomar0153   Everytime you select a face from the dialogue box it already creates a portrait, however I would like to...
  3. Atlas Rose

    Looking for faces

    I'm looking for three cerberus heads for my game Cicero. It's in VX Ace, and while the art is not in that style, I don't see why an animal head must fit the style of a human head. Preferably, one head should be serious, one snarling, and one laughing or smiling.  Here are two facesets as...
  4. Caitlin

    IGMC character requests

    I am entering the IGMC, and I am hoping that someone might help me with a character, and face set.  I am looking for a girl character and since I can't afford to pay you, feel free to share this character.  Beatrice Amber Rice Hair color: Dark brown Hair style: Long straight hair parted down...
  5. Shiroi Akuma

    Shiroi Akumas resources

    Since I want to make an own game too, I started to create some own resources.   Terms of Use: If you use them credit me.  :) Please ask when you want to use them in a commercial project. I don't bite. :) R-18 use is fine as well.  You are allowed to recolor. (Don't repost and claim the...
  6. DarkOdin

    Four things needed

    Ok so first off i need some resources for my Commercial game. I will credit accordingly (and to those who do the resources for me shall recieve a free copy of the game upon it's completion if they want.) Task #1 - I need a face set of these guards. Just 1 face per guard with their corrisponing...
  7. Nanaki_Fan

    request: Emotion Faceset for a face

    ***Nevermind! I managed to make some myself and had a hand from another user in making a full face set!**** Hello, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to edit a face that I made and turn it into a face set. The face set should include: a crying/upset face, angry face, annoyed...
  8. Valkyriet

    Faceset Help (Optional : Plants)

    Hello everyone! I'm working on my first game using RMXP, and one of the characters in the game has cat ears. I'm using the Lovelymoro faceset generator though, which sadly does not provide a cat-ears add-on. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me add white cat ears to the faceset, as...
  9. romoku

    Vx ace RTP Emosets

    Hello everyone! I was searching far and wide everyday for rtp actors emosets i have found most of what i needed but i sitll need 2 or 3 and i didnt see them anywhere... What i am looking for is actor 5-1's emoset and 5-3's emoset. I have one for 5-5 so i know there must be one somewhere.. If...
  10. wigglyfingers

    HETALIA - A big 80 Italy Faceset

    Basically a very big faceset of the character Italy from the anime/webcomics "Hetalia"  A total of 80 different expressions from happy to sad and a lot of subtle expressions aswell? You can see it all below! You can download the "set" in nice 10 parts that fit nicely into RPGMAKERVX/ACE here...
  11. kaleemmcintyre

    Creating a Faceset with Sai/Gimp/Other art program

    Hello all, I don't know if this has already been asked, but I wanted to know something. How would I go about getting an artist to create a full faceset for a character I wanted using an art program like Sai/Gimp/Photoshop? The exact details would be nice since both this person and I don't know...
  12. UltimateFanBoy

    A RTP/Anime faceset generator

    I've already made a thread like this, but bumping it would be a necro-post, so I'll just do it again. Is there an online faceset generator that is identical to the RTP's faces, or an anime one that doesn't have a big contrast with the RTP?
  13. Korimax

    Face-set Recolors to match Bust

    Alright well I think my request may be easier said than done but what do I know I have limited skills in graphics as is, so I'd say I know zip. Anyway for the Commercial project that I've been working on I've been messing around with a character from Ruruga's site (A link to which is located in...
  14. OM3GA-Z3RO

    Specific Sprite request

    HI-HO! Sprite Request There is a faceset that we already have that goes well with our main female character when she tells her tragic story when she was a kid, we need kid size sprites for this faceset below and we would also like a behavior sprite of the girl crying like the picture shown...
  15. S.Court

    Needed tools to make a faceset, RTP Style?

    Uhh hi! Well, due to the unsuccessful tries to get someone to make facesets I have tried, I want to try them by myself, I know it won't be easy, but I feel like I don't have another choice u.u Anyways, to make a faceset like RTP Style, which toold will I need to make them? I don't have a...
  16. Stephen

    Emo Face Set Request

    Hey does anyone know where I can find the Emote Set for either Actor 2-8 OR 3-2? I have been looking everywhere and I just can't seem to find them! (and yes I checked granny's list and everytime I clicked a link I kept getting sent to a page that said "RIP RPG Maker VX. net" 
  17. EliteKilljoy

    Dragon Sprites and Portraits/Busts Needed

    Hey, guys. I'm working on a fantasy RPG where the boy finds a dragon egg. It hatches eventually into a baby dragon and the story follows them as they grow. So what I need from you guys is sprites and portraits/busts for each of the following of the dragon's growth stages: Egg (including...
  18. karn7

    help with faceset

    how i put this in text message that can look like this
  19. EliteKilljoy

    Need Artist for Face Sets and Sprites

    Okay, so for the following characters, I need:      -Face      -Sprite      -Bust or Full Body Character 1 Character 2 Character 3 Character 4 Character 5 Character 6 If you have any questions on their personalities, what they wear, etc, don't hesitate to ask.  Thanks!
  20. nio kasgami

    Historically Inspired Faceset

      In coloboration with Bukarett historically inspired battler               (work on it)   need to be use with historically inspired battler and can't be modify or redistruate on a other forum you need to brings the links. you can use it both commercial or not as long you credit me.   To do...

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