1. Youthful Characters

    I've been looking through the resources available out there on the vast web and am having serious trouble finding what I am looking for in this case.  Can anyone point me to a good resource for finding facesets for children?  I've tried every combination in the character generator and I can make...
  2. Sunki

    Sunny's Characters Shop

    OPEN   Hello everyone! i know i am still new in this community but want to meet others and have good relations and friendships! :D I decided to open my little shop for two reasons, first to practice, and then to get new friends! <3 Okay now, i want you all to know what i do and...
  3. chungsie

    Resource Request, Alaska

    Hio. I can't find enough resources on google on this forum for what I need. I need a tileset for Alaska, if that is possible, or even North America, but not modern, classical age style. Also, I could use Atna/Athabaskan sprites, as well as Inuit and Eskimo, and facesets if possible (I guess I...
  4. Engi3

    Question about asking for resources for dlc

    So I recently got the cover art dlc pack and love the art style for them, but compare to the original art style Mv has and Vx ace the style is totally off and I'm very Anal about every thing matching should I wait for some one to adopt the style or should I commission some one to adopt the dlc...
  5. Katipunero MV facesets, character and sv sprites

    Resource Type: Charasets, Battlers or facesets Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: Anything is greatly appreciated.. Description:  Hi guys. I am currently making an RPG game for my capstone 1 which is based on a certain part of Philippine history. So I'm looking for character sprites...
  6. GethN7

    Having a problem with Fomars Faces To Busts script

    I'm having a problem using Fomar's Faces To Bust script. I'd contact Fomar but no luck, seems to have fallen off the side of the planet, and since the problem likely has a simple fix (and I'm a Ruby ******), l'm hoping I can get a little script assistance. The problem is this. When you enter...
  7. noctilucan

    Busts on Opposite Sides?

    Hello everyone! It's my first time posting here so let me know if I've done anything wrong (・∀・;) So, I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on the positioning of character busts. (The busts would be dynamic and not just the face would change, of course :9 I know that tends to annoy...
  8. BerryB

    BerryB Archives - MV Free Art Resource Packs

    Before I get around to introduce the Free Resource Packs, let me lay out the basic/general terms of use for using the archives' resources. 12/08/2017 - Major 2016 Link overhaul changes from Dropbox to Mediafire. - Refit some of the links for easier access and less scrolling. 30/05/2018 -...
  9. flirion

    Flirion's Charsets and Facesets recolors (MV) - Updated 19/11/19

    Hi, I made some recolors for my project and I thought I could share them here, I hope they will be useful. :) Terms of Service: The character sets are edits of MV's RTP so you will need a legal copy of RPG maker MV if you want to use them. Credits: Kadokawa, Caz (if you use the damaged cat...
  10. Shiroi Akuma

    Shirois Stuff

    Terms of use: If you find minor bugs or glitches in the facesets or busts tell me. (For example pixels which are floating in a transparent area.) If something is unclear, ask. Objects: For Yanflys Doodas Plugin/Parallax Mapping RTP Edits (All Credit goes to...
  11. Silent Darkness

    MV RTP Evil Facesets

    I'm looking to get my hands on facesets for Evil 1, 2, 4 and 7 from the RPG Maker MV RTP. Or at least Evil 7 if nothing else.
  12. Dainiri.Art

    D'Art MV Resources (Latest Upload [Feb 10,2016]: Parallax Big Trees)

      D'Art MV Resources Terms of Use (09-Feb-2016) For Commercial and Non-Commercial Use, unless otherwise stated. Strictly for RPG Maker Engine use only, unless otherwise stated. You may edit all resources to fit your needs just don't claim it as your own. You cannot repost or share...
  13. Aviziel

    Getting VX facesets to colormatch Ace facesets.

    As you probably have already noticed, facesets designed for VX and facesets designed for Ace usually differ in the strength of the colors. VX uses lighter and softer colors, while Ace has richer and fuller coloring on facesets. And most artists who make "RTP" material seemed to have started...
  14. Atlas Rose

    Atlas Graphics

    Heyoo! Atlas here, fairly new to the game making business. I'm wanting to up my game when it comes to graphic design, so why not set up a workshop? I do a large variety of things, and if you'd like to request something that isn't on here, by all means go ahead! This is all about growing as an...
  15. Shiroi Akuma

    Shiroi Akumas resources

    Since I want to make an own game too, I started to create some own resources.   Terms of Use: If you use them credit me.  :) Please ask when you want to use them in a commercial project. I don't bite. :) R-18 use is fine as well.  You are allowed to recolor. (Don't repost and claim the...
  16. Inmento Riku

    Looking for people to create 4 facesets for me

    So I have 4 sprites, as you'll see in the spoiler below, and I haven't been able to get any good ones off of online generators, creating one on GIMP, or elsewhere. I'm trying to have these characters be more than Sprites, as they are important to the story-line. Edit 1: The first and last...
  17. Inmento Riku

    In need of a faceset and a Monster logo for game (VX Ace Preferred)

    So I have the specific character sprite(s) (And they work well) But I am looking for someone willing to create for me two things. (If two people do different ones that is also fine) I have the sprite sheet: As you can see for the next character (I have 4 in total and decided to make this one...
  18. Ex-Panda

    I need some facesets (VX styled, preferably), & some damage sprites.

    Hi! So I'm making my first game (and also my first post here), it's a about a maid who gets stuck into a place called "The World of Dread". The game is called Vera, and I have already advanced on the game like 25% of it, or maybe less. However, I still need some damage sprites for some NPCs who...
  19. leelahmleo

    Does anyone know a good Policeman battler?

    I have faces and sprites, but no battlers. Does anybody know of one? edit: Like, a modern policeman. I've searched everywhere I can think of and could not find anything! Not the future cops Thalzon has or anything (though I may use those in the game a bit later) just a normal plain cop. Sorry...
  20. Foron

    Using VX facesets in VX Ace?

    So while looking things up, I came across a treasure trove of battlers, facestes, and more: http://jalensjamboree.blogspot.com/2011/01/christmas.html However, It says they're made for VX. Is there a way to use it on VX Ace, or is it already compatible?

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