1. slimmmeiske2

    Fairy Tale Resources

    I have no idea how helpful this thread is going to be, but I hope you'll find what you need, whether you're working on a fairy tale game or a fairy tale themed village/dungeon. Aladdin: Apoc's female genie portraits, Appeared from the pond's genie battler (Terms) [original], Arteria's magic...
  2. Haydeos

    Edits by Haydeos! Sprites, Facesets, Icons, Tilesets, Etc.

    So I'm making a game with TheoAllen's side view battle system...and I needed some animated monsters. I get told A LOT by internet people to do things myself (for some reason) so I decided to make some basic edits of the default mobs to use as animated enemies. Noticed as I tested out saving...
  3. [VX ACE] request for facesets/spritesets/battler

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for artists who are interested in creating facesets/spritesets + 1 battler (see below). You can do these separately and for one character so there's no obligation that you have to do both. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am pretty crummy with art/digital art. o My...
  4. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Faceset Edits and Faceset Tutorials

    I thought in the aftermath of the "Super Awesome Face" contest that I would show how I use the generator parts to great potential. Part 1: Setting up the face parts for a neutral face If you want to follow along here is some useful information. Directory:  C: >Program Files...
  5. GrandmaDeb


    closing for now.
  6. Amysaurus

    RTP - Chibified!

    Hey everyone!  :)  I'm working on turning the whole RTP into chibis! I'll update as I have the chance, so enjoy!   :D  Dropbox download link (includes all completed sheets): Here        Actor 1:                Faces:                Busts: Actor 2:              ...
  7. Warpmind

    RTP vs. Generated Character Portraits

    So, I didn't see an existing thread on this question... This bothers me a little: Why must the RTP facesets (and by the looks of it, a significant share of the resource packs etc.) be in a semiprofile, while the generator apparently is limited to full frontal mugshots? (This impracticality...
  8. Sato1999

    Light Phantasy 1 recruitment.

             Light Phantasy 1          The Red Crystal Hello. Sinopse: In the continent of Neron. There was once a giant Wyrm called Dronion that used to protect the people from the evil. No one was capable of defeating him, then the peace lived around the continent. Then one day a huge monster...
  9. LRDean_Socks

    The Sock Witch's Cabin of Resources

      The Sock Witch's Cabin Welcome to the Sock Witch's Cabin where I will house a few resources! Things to know and Terms of USE Resources to come: Male Portraits for Modern Series and Working NPCs Resource Updates: Working NPCs added under Modern Series Terms...
  10. Rishabh Varshney

    Charsets and faces needed

    Hello I am making a game and i need some charsets and faces of the following pic (Sorry for bad english) I will also attach a sample is what i want the charsetssets [Removed]
  11. GrandmaDeb

    Faceless made some Soldier Edits

    These were made by Faceless. Please credit him, but feel free to use these in commercial or non-commercial games.
  12. lemongreen

    Some stuff I've made

    Hey, thought it was about time I share a few of my creations with the greater RPG Maker community (though, I have to admit I still haven't made anything really impressive yet...) Pictures BattleStart Batters Faces/Busts Sprites I also have a few (kinda bad) music tracks...
  13. Dreamer

    Dreamer's Workshop! [Hiatus]

      Hey guys! Final exam week is coming and I'll be extremely busy studying, so I won't take any more requests for a while. I will keep doing the requests i've already got, but it may take a while. Thank you for your understanding! :)   Hi! I'm Dreamer, and I’m new here. I’ve been lurking the...
  14. Makio-Kuta

    Maki's Chibi RTP (VX and later VX-ACE)

    Hello! I decided to take on the ever daunting task of redrawing the RTP characters in a my goofy style for busts and facesets. I'll be trying to do all of the characters in the VX and VX-Ace RTPs, but this will take some time! So please be patient. I've only got a few done so far, but felt like...
  15. Coren

    Anime Girl RPG Maker Facesets

    I did some quick facesets for people to use. :) Please do credit me as Coren Baili if you do use it. These are not for commercial usage. I made them for a fun side project which I am not planning to release publicly as it is full of silly inside jokes and general spasticness anyway, so I...
  16. Maurussus

    Recolors and Emotion Sets of RPGMaker VX Ace Characters

    I'm looking for a capable Artist to help me on a new major project. It requires a Few Recolors of Sprites, Faces, and making up an Emotion-Faceset for the Recolors. It may seem like a lot of work, but I plan to build the base-game first, then, collect the sprites, emotions-sets (All hopefully...
  17. captainproton

    Captain Proton's Graphics

    Hi there! I figured, since I've made use of the amazing resources members have contributed here, I should start sharing some of the stuff I've made, too. I will have more to come, but right now I just have some faceset edits I've made for my game. Some are edits I made from the RTP facesets, and...
  18. YukitaKyo

    Am I allowed to edit rpg maker vx aces facesets/sprites?

    Hello everyone! Before I continue writing, I'd like to apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum, it's my first forum post >.< I recently got into using rpg maker vx ace (I love it) and have already started developing my own game for my family to enjoy. So far I've had to use the face...
  19. Caitlin

    Request: cat and dog faces

    I am creating a game that the characters is a cat and dog. Cat looks like Chi from Chi's sweet home, is a female kitten. I am on my iPad at the moment, so can't attach a photo. Dog is an Atika that has a solid coat yellowish brown coat. He is fully grown. I would like emotions, happy, sad...
  20. Lunarea

    Fantasy Hero Character Pack

    We have an exciting new product for you today! Fantasy Hero Character pack is a high quality and unique pack that is filled with amazing characters -- and matching resources! Character sprites, facesets, portraits and battlers are included in this set of 16 heroes, two for each class. Inspired...

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