1. MiniBeast2002

    Intro Fade-In

    I want my game to start up with a black screen so I put a fade-out event on autorun but when I click "New Game" I can see one frame of what I want it to fade into. Is there a way to make it so that one frame doesn't show?
  2. Fade-in and fade-out screen on Android

    When fading the screen in or out on a android device, it only applies to the right side/corner of the screen, depending on resolution. This goes for all transitions: starting a new game or loading a game, battle transitions, the transition when changing players position or switching maps or...
  3. Is there a way to fade out only a specific part of the screen?

    Is there a way to fade out only a specific section of the screen, i.e., a rectangular section near the top via in event script calls? I'm trying to imitate a movie screen and only that part of the screen needs to change. Also is there a way to turn off map transition fade out/ins to where the...
  4. mahan

    Fade-In BGM Script

    I know this was requested many times but is there any script that makes the map's BGM fade-in while the map is being shown? I know already the workaround of creating an event that increases the volume of the BGM in certain intervals, but I want a script that does it automatically in all maps...

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