fade out

  1. Anyone

    Controlled Screen Fading In/Out (for pin-point cutscene control)

    Controlled Screen Fading In/Out by Anyone What's this about? You learn how to do advanced fading in and fading out effects that are absolutely under your control for the perfect cutscene / event design. This can be done very quickly and effectively. Description: Sometimes, when you design...
  2. _Shadow_

    Fade in Fade out picture.

    [NO need for plugin] ◆Move Picture:#1, Center (408,312), (100%,100%), 255, Normal, 30 frames (Wait) Show picture with opacity 0 Move picture at the same spot and opacity to 255 and give it as many frames as you want the fadein to last. Thanks @caethyril for the answer. How about a plugin...
  3. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Which Ruby Script To Alter For Fading?

    So I played Shovel Knight the other day and I love the games fading. It mimics old NES games. I wan't a fading to show 4 frames of shading to look like an NES game same can be applied to fading in. Which default script holds the code for the fading in and fading out?
  4. Drac00nbeam

    Fade out BGM, fade in ME/SE in battle when victory/defeat/escape...

    Good day everyone, I want to fade out the battle music when, the team wins/loses the battle or escapes to the current map. Afterward the victory/game over music fades in, when the team wins/loses or the overworld music fades in, when the transition to the map starts so i have a smoother battle...
  5. DMIgames

    DMI's Fade Control

    DMI's Fade Control v1.0 Author: Dizzy Media Inc. Introduction This is a simple plugin to help control fade times for map transfers and screen fades (Fade In/Fade Out) Features Controls Fades Screenshots How to Use Change values of fade times in plugin settings. Demo No demo needed...
  6. MakoTorii

    Fade SE

    I have been taking a look at the Script Call Collection topic and have noticed something about the sound script calls: BGM, BGS, and ME have fade-out script calls but SE does not.  While SEs are usually only a second or two long, there should be cases where they last longer than that and may...
  7. Dhaundre

    Fade in/out text boxes. [Ace]

    Hi There! I'm trying to make my intro a little more proffesiona,l and I don't like the way the text pops up. Is there any way (script or not) to make the text (text box, transparent) appear gradually?  Thanks in advance!
  8. ♥SOURCE♥

    Audio Fade In. Easy to use! (BGM, BGS, ME.)

      This script adds the “fade in” function to the Audio channels, since by default, only “fade out” is included as an event command.   It is very easy to use, just add the correct command using a Call Script event command after you use a Play BGM/BGS/ME one. Read the header for more info.   Get...
  9. Is there a way to fade out only a specific part of the screen?

    Is there a way to fade out only a specific section of the screen, i.e., a rectangular section near the top via in event script calls? I'm trying to imitate a movie screen and only that part of the screen needs to change. Also is there a way to turn off map transition fade out/ins to where the...
  10. RPGMaker25

    Cutscene Fading in and Out!

    Hello again! I have come across a little technical hitch... What I am aiming to do, is to have my character leave a certain area, and upon leaving the screen fades out and a cut-scene occurs. During this scene, the screen is dark (I filled it in with the darkness tile), and after the scrolling...

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