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    RMMZ Fade In / Out Text Message for Content Warnings

    Okay, I've searched as best I could and even tried doing it on my own ( even had a helper for a hot minute before she disappeared ), but as my head hurts and my self-confidence dwindles-- I suppose it is time to strip my pride, learn to work smart, and finally ask y'all skilled scripters for...

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Doing RPG Maker News for 28th September 2021

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For game developer testing purposes.
You know, I really get to farm likes since I post all of @Avery and @hiddenone 's blog tutorials on the forums...
Back from a very long hiatus with a new project woo
This is my battler placeholder image trying out art styles too I want to fake a backview battle system
I think I will want portraits and battle sprites to be 2D and stick to pixel art for overworld not 100%sure but pretty sure its easier to make pixel art for overworld sprites, events and maps and stuff.
toying with a brand new monster design

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