1. Failed to load

    I try to download games from the Internet. The game is hand made. When I went in, I found out that there are many games that show almost every game. What should I do? Please tell me. (Sorry, I'm not good at languages) P.S. I'm not the creator of these games. I do not know how to do it. I try...
  2. MrTuwanda

    Problem Previewing my Game

    Hello all, Upon trying to preview my game, I get an error that says "Failed to load extension from... (the folder the game is in). Invalid Key in Icons: '2550'." We've not changed much in the game, however we did recently install GENE. Anyone know how to fix this? It happens when we make the...
  3. Kuro DCupu

    I messed up the save file

    Help! It just problem after problem! I used to use script call to make the game save and load instantly : Save file $gameSystem.onBeforeSave(); DataManager.saveGame(fileid); StorageManager.cleanBackup(fileid); Load File if (DataManager.loadGame(fileid);){...
  4. AllyJamy

    Failed to load tileset data?

    So this basically started when i copied my project over to a hard disk, because I was resetting my PC. Suddenly this message "Failed to load tileset data" started coming up and I can not open my project or game. I've looked for solutions to this problem such as replacing the tileset data with...
  5. XTheRedZombieX

    *SOLVED* Help! Failed to create distribution file!

    Hey there! I have been running into this error for no particular reason, I am using RPG maker MV and I don't know why is it giving me this error, 'Failed to create distribution package' I have tried checking my folder but I couldn't find anything? Any suggestions or ideas of why this might be...
  6. spiriter

    Can't convert to Android, pls help me.

    Hi guys, sry for my bad english. I bought rpg maker mv some days ago. It's on V1.3.1. I want to convert the game (or at least a Testgame) to APK fpr Android. It doesn't work for me at all. What i've tried: Converting with XDK - with encodet RPGMakerMV-Resources: on XDK-Simulator...
  7. SakiPai

    Windows 10--Failed to Create Project Error

    I normally use VX Ace on my old Windows 7 computer, but recently, all the projects have been lagging, so I moved to Windows 10. One thing you should know is that my Windows 10 is running through bootcamp--it's dual-installed along with the El Capitan OS in my macbook. I'm not sure if that...
  8. HELP!!Failed to make distribution package error?

    I'm trying send my father a demo of my game for xmas but it keeps saying Failed to make distribution package. How do I fix this?
  9. Silent Darkness

    Failed to create Project

    I can't save my project for some reason. It tells me "Failed to create project". I really, REALLY don't want to lose what i've done. Because I only just recently finished recovering from losing the exact same project. I don't see my project under Manage Projects. I see one called...
  10. Wirtle

    Filed to Compress Game Data

    So I made a quick little game and I'm now trying to compress the game and put it on mediafire so people can download my game. Every time I go to compress the game to my desktop it goes through the loading bar. When it finishes this window pops up:  Is there anything I' doing wrong here? or is...
  11. Failed to load map info data

    I got an error message saying  "Unexpected File Format Error" I then replaced the commonevents scripts and then replaced the game.rvproj2 files but then I got this message: "Failed to load map info data" What does that mean? Please tell me how to fix it!
  12. Failed to load script after compression

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm having some trouble with RPG Maker VX Ace.  So here's what happened.  I created a game with RPG Maker VX Ace. I haven't finished it, but I have been wanting to create a demo for a friend of mine. I compressed the whole game into the single .exe file which...

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