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  1. Falcao ABS - Zoom Big-Boss and Weapons

    Hey :) Does anyone know how to zoom a Weapon? When i zoom an Enemy, then the weapon size is too small. May someone like to help me there, please? Using Falcao ABS
  2. Falcao ABS Death Pose Problems...

    Hello, it's me again. I have a Problem with the Death Pose with the Script: Falcao ABS: https://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/category/pearl-abs-liquid/ If the weapon or skill has no knockdown rate, then the selected Death Pose will not be displayed. To be sure, I started a default project with...
  3. Script compatibility with Falcao ABS and Kread-EX Cannibalism

    Hi, I want to use Kread-X's Cannibalism script with Falcao's ABS script but there's an issue. If I use the skill I've tagged to be my devouring skill and it kills the enemy, I don't get the bonus specified parameters. If I enter a battle (VXA's original battle system, not the ABS), and kill an...
  4. cavemanK

    Optional DMG increase depending on Weapon Type

    Hello everyone! I am trying to add a skill proficiency to my game and wanted to do something I figured was hidden somewhere in the database. Does anyone know if there is a way to give bonuses to an actor's attack based on certain weapon types?  Ex. Frank trains his "Firearm" skill and now...
  5. Falcao ABS item drops affected by knockback

    There is currently an issue with Falcao's ABS which I am using, where weapons I am using with blow power (basically knockback) will knock enemies into the wall. If the enemy is not dead, it will not go through the wall, but upon the killing blow, the enemy ends up passing through the wall...
  6. Khas Light effects+ HUD

    I'm using Kha's awesome light effects and Falcao's Pearl ABS. But when I adjust the lighting with Kha's script, it draws the darkness over Falcao's HUD, so the HP bars, etc also get darkened. Is there a way to make Falcao's ABS appear above the effect layer drawn by Khas light effects, or...
  7. Falcao ABS question

    In Falcao's Pearl ABS, there is a feature where you can give some weapons "blow power" that knocks back the target for X tiles. My question is: is there a way to disable it for certain enemies, like bosses? I've tried Hit Jump = false The scripts can be found here...
  8. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Falcao ABS error

    So I'm just trying out the different battle systems for fun. I found the Falcao's ABS and I quite liked it as you can cycle through your characters and have your party fight with you. Only problem is that while it works in the demo, which is cool, I decided to test it by moving all the bits...

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