1. Nicke

    Hirion - Fall

    Hirion - Fall (v1.2) Introduction: A falling system for the party leader on the map. Does partially works with followers however it is made for one character at the moment. Features: Easy to setup and uses terrain tags for falling tiles. Enable/disable plugin ingame using a switch. A animation...
  2. Tea's Jams

    Simple disappearing platform tutorial

    Do you want your character to be able to jump across a hazard using platforms that disappear? Do you want them to fall into a hole/cavern/waterpit/lavapit when it disappears? Here's how. I hope it saves some people time. If you want to check out the plugins I used on this tutorial here are...
  3. Collision Check Ledges

    Hi there, I am fairly new to all this, but am not that new to programming. Just a heads up that I am ok with script solutions. I believe this is a common problem and I have been searching a lot, but did not find anything concrete. I attached an image. In there you should see a red line. I...
  4. byBibo

    How to fall in holes

    Hello Everyone! I have always wanted to make my actors fall in holes when exploring dangerous maps, and I came up with a way to do it! :) Here what you want to achieve: [Note: if you know a screen recorder free software better than Camstudio...]...
  5. Malvodion

    LF: "Snow/Frozen Cave Biome" water and waterfall tiles

    Hello. I was hoping to find a tileset that would match the snow/frozen tiles. The only ones that come with the editor are the ones for the crystal tiles, and those don't even match with their waterfall tiles. I looked around but I couldn't find anything similar. Does anyone know or has what...

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