1. Benja


      THERE IS NO FIRST GAME. DON'T BELIEVE IT.                                      you need not play the first game. but if you can find the first game you are welcome to play it. YOU WON'T FIND IT Welcome to the world's best party simulation game's sequel! (you don't...
  2. Benja


    Playable teaser/Demo out now! This demo does not have any of the maps from the main game, but gives you a flavor of the game! (with a bit of story)                                    you need not play the first game. but if you can find the first game you are welcome to play...
  3. Jernau Gurgeh

    The Monsters of [REDACTED]

    The Monsters Of [REDACTED] This is my first project, which I am producing (initially) as a gift for my siblings' children, currently aged between 6 and 12 years. I  hope to complete it by this Xmas, but I may be somewhat ambitious here! I am at the very early stages of development - I am...

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I got tired of not having an avatar image. Couldn't think of anything cool. So I'm just using my game's antagonist instead... How original. At least both of our names start with C?
Expectation: Design/dev a game for the game jam | Reality: "These codes suck, why did I do it this way? lemme fix this. Also what if I add feature xyz because... well, I can."
Did my first script call in an event! :kaopride: It's completely useless and just because I thought it'd be cute if looking at clocks in-game made the character say the real-world time, but it's fully functional scripting and I did it all by myself!
Stream will be going live shortly! I will be playing Resident Evil 3 Remake, and then I will be switching to a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
Spent all day working on something that ultimately has nothing "flashy" to show at the end of it. But that sense of achievement...

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