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  1. MicahMonferno

    Now Hiring Animal Crossing Fan Game!

    I am Hiring for my Animal Crossing fan game, I don't pay you, but you are welcome to help, I need help with Sprites especially,  The Game
  2. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy A New Beginning | Scripters, Animators, and Beta Testers Needed |

    I am need of experienced Scripters, Beta Testers, Animators, and any other help I can get for my project right now. Specifically, anyone that is knowledgeable in creating a custom battle scene (graphically), testing/ balancing, or Yanfly & Victor scripts. The project is a fan game called...
  3. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy A New Beginning [Alpha 0.1.1] (Playable)

      Overview Here is the first release of my fan game Final Fantasy A New Beginning! This project takes heavy inspiration from classic Final Fantasy titles (I-VI); featuring the ATB system, rows, classes, and more! Each character is assigned a certain class and most learn skills at set...
  4. Enn

    "Endsville" - A game of horror, supernatural phenomena, and fart jokes.

    Summary: A lot of people are counting on me to produce this game and I cannot for the life of me do it alone. You will be generously rewarded once I get a steady job, plus I will send you cat memes as thanks. Yes, really.               I'm "N". I have never posted here before so I hope I'm...
  5. hian

    Attack on Titan tribute Game

    Anyone else play this game? I'm giving it a go, and so far it's pretty entertaining. game: forums: game-play from an older version: Essentially, it's like this weird 3d...
  6. LuckyLeafGames

    Nostalgia'Vuu: The fan game to end all fan games

    Hi guys!  This is my very first RPG Maker Game!  It's evolved a lot and while I won't reveal a whole lot, (I'm very secretive on a lot of the content right now), I WILL at least give you a nice little announcement and synopsis.  I'll admit, some mapping is better than others!  I started this in...

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