1. Mooshry

    RMMV [RSE] Dragon Quest: Shadow of the Sinful Sorcerer

    After years of procrastinating and starting projects only to never finish them, I FINALLY released something! I found the Release Something Event, and decided to use it as motivation to make something. This is an authentic NES-style Dragon Quest fangame made in MV. It's only a 2 hour demo, so it...
  2. Ruru Grgr

    RMMV A cheesy Persona 5 fangame(ripoff)

    I made this game in three days for a friend's birthday. I then lost a bet, and now I'm posting it here. Synopsis: An app allows four friends to enter a palace, a world created from distorted desires. When the ruler of that palace threatens you, sometimes you have no choice but to play dirty...
  3. neko_ene1ove

    FREE Searching for people to develop a game.

    Heyyaaa~~~ Neko is here~ I am the Creator of my fangame based on manga series Jinrou Game. My game won't be related to these series. The game is going to be free, since I don't have any money for paying. But, our team decided to make the game payable, so everyone would have their salary. Our...
  4. Nightblade50

    "The Hobbit" Fangame - Legal?

    I have no idea where this thread would go so I'll stick it here. I am thinking about making a game based on The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien in RPG Maker. However, I am concerned as to legality thereof. Can someone with some legal knowledge tell me if it is legal to make a non-commercial game...
  5. Does this game seem too similar to Megaman sprite game?

    Hello, I want to make a silly RPG based off of some weird fancomic thing I made. Its name is "Nanashi and Naoki: Lucifer's bad day" and it is mostly a game like Megaman sprite game. I'm a little worried that it might be too similar. I'm gonna list off some similarities and let you decide if it's...
  6. GothicMonocle

    RMVXA Lost in the Darkness: A Jekyll and Hyde horror RPG (Playable teaser)

    Download here (Mediafire) - Keep in mind this is not even in demo stage yet. There is not even a proper title screen. This is a horror game that takes place in the Universe of my Webcomic: The strange Seperation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Fellow Jekyll and Hyde fan? Follow me at the Jekyll and...
  7. BuzzGaming57

    FREE Earthbound 2 Concept

    EARTHBOUND 2 CONCEPT Engine: VXAce Synopsis: My Role(s)/Position(s): Priority Roles: Beneficial (but not necessarily required) Roles: Characters, Setting and World Development: [/SPOILER]
  8. Siletrea

    trying to create "Habitarium" like game

    hello! I've just gotten a copy of MV from a good friend of mine after I found I could not create what I wanted in earlier versions of RPGMaker so I'm hoping since MV is new and lots of people love it that I may be able to get some tips,suggestions,help and/or advice for my project! now this may...
  9. 2098-Face

    RMMV Madou Monogatari: Magician's Melody

    Madou Monogatari: Magician's Melody DESCRIPTION A short rhythm fangame based off Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari, programmed using Moghunter's Theatrhythm Plugin! Press on the keyboard to the pace of the games' music to pull off attacks, and overcome your opponents with the power of song! With...
  10. Mooshry

    XP Blue Magic error

    Well... the previous error was fixed, (The Blue Magic one) but now, a random character takes 0-5 damage at the end of every turn, when they're not poisoned or sapped. It has no effect on gameplay, but looks plain weird. I need this fixed.
  11. Need Help with something

    I'm wanting to make a fangame of Lisa: The Painful RPG but i wouldn't even know where to start. I've so far only used RMV but also forgot a lot about that one too. Since it would probably take a while to explain it here and it would be harder, please contact me either *snip (PM the author for...
  12. Problem with Skill-transfer.

    I have an problem. I'm working on evolutions in a Pokèmon game. The way I'm doing it is that if an Bulbasaur (actor1) is a certain lvl it evolves into another Ivysaur (actor2). BUT, how can I transfer the skills from actor1 to actor 2? (without having to check ALL the skills actor1 has...
  13. Triforce Mario

    Gameplay like LISA: The Painful?

    So, I'm making a game that's simular to LISA, a fan game, I guess. And LISA basically has you platforming around, and I need a script that does something like that. if you know, LISA has a platforming like gameplay, with you treversing the land of Olathe by walking on a cliff, then jumping onto...
  14. Rivas

    Need a Lobster Character Sprite

    Hi! I'm making a fan game for a YouTuber known as Chadtronic in RPG Maker VX Ace. In his videos, he has a lobster named Greg. Greg's going to be one of the first two people in the party at the start of the game, the other being Chad. I've search for about 10 minutes trying to find a lobster...
  15. Mooshry

    Final Fantasy character needed!

    I need a final fantasy-like character for my fangame in RPG Creator iOS! My fangame is based off of FFXIV, and takes place in Eorzea too. If resources for fangames are allowed, here is a description. She is a Miqo'te. (An example...
  16. AshteriskGaming

    Several Issues... [RPG Maker VX Ace]

    So, I kinda included a lot of scripts in my game all at once and I have a few major issues that I'm not sure how to solve. I have so many scripts that work fine that I'm just thankful I don't have more issues than this. 1st Issue: I have Khas's Awesome Lighting script on here, but I also have...
  17. residentevil fan

    Resident evil gaiden XP (Demo 1).

    Hello everyone, today released demo 1 of the Resident Evil Gaiden XP   to try it out and give me their opinions.   I'm sorry if I have errors in English (I speak Spanish and am using translator)    ...
  18. Yeaster

    A Nightmare in Sunnydale [complete, VX]

    In her original world, Buffy Anne Summers was a vampire slayer, keeping the town of Sunnydale clean of demonic scum. Somehow, she finds herself in the world of Nowhere, with no memory of who she is or what her life was like before waking up here. Accompanying her is Dean Winchester, a demon...
  19. TheMememaid

    Please help!!

    Ok i dont know what i did to cause this, but now my battle screen is showing me this: The troop option is also doing the same and now i dont know how to fix it :( please help, i think it MIGHT have been me placing an image into a file without it being saved as 256 bitmap
  20. TheMememaid

    Sprites are transparent, aswell as the black color??

    Hey there, i found a way to make my sprites transparent, but when i do the color black also becomes transparent?? i dont know how to fix this, do i make it a lighter shade of black? Im trying to make an OFF fangame and its pretty frustrating right now not gonna lie :/// (this is just a battle...

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