1. Seijiro Mafuné

    Ed, Edd n Eddy RPG [Demo Available!]

    Don't have a better title pic yet. Oh well. Story: It was yet another fine day at the Cul-de-Sac, with the Eds enjoying their endless summer vacation, when in comes Jonny with a surprise: Kevin's hosting a Jawbreaker party, and for the first time ever, the Eds are invited! As they race after...
  2. Team ⑨ Mystical Quest - (Touhou RPG) Thread:,16953.0.html Due to the 72 hour double-posting restrictions, the thread will always be more up to date than this one. Occasionally, the Shrinemaiden thread will have a more up-to-date version, so if you...
  3. Yvy

    Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols - NOW RECRUITING BACKUPS!

    Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols A medieval-style Digimon fangame DEMO AVAILABLE! Full Version Release: TBA This project is now in Hiatus. More information can be found here: Hello, guys! This is the Digimon project I've been working on for some...
  4. Mr. Detective

    The Adventure Of High School Students

    Do you like anime? Do you like Mega Man Battle Network? Do you wish to see your favorite anime characters in a video game? If the answer is yes, then this might be the game that you've been looking for. The game is set in an alternate universe where characters from many different anime and video...
  5. Mike


    TouhouHitAndRun (THAR, RPG Maker VX Ace) Just another  1 man Touhou-fan game (all resources are from Enterbrain, Tasogare Frontier and Team Shanghai Alice (ZUN) Inspiration: - Touhou - Total War Franchise - Mount & Blade Franchise - Other people making games Characters: 20 characters...
  6. Trass

    Ar tonelico: A Reyvateil's Melody, A community Ar tonelico Fangame (Demo downloadable)

    This was a community game project from the Ar tonelico fansite forums, A Reyvateil's Melody. (Original Topic) It is still far from complete, and because the amount of people who left, the project had been put on...
  7. Dako

    Pokemon Sprites Needed

    Hello! I'm Dako and for the past few days I've been working on a Pokemon Game in RPG Maker (Using the Pokemon Essentials and such) and I've gotten to a point where I need some specific sprites, and I can't seem to make any myself that I feel happy with. I need sprites for the following things...

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