fantasy rpg

  1. ButtonMasher

    RMMV Tree of Kings

    Tree of Kings First of all, thank you for checking this out and an even bigger thank you if you have played my game. Please kindly provide constructive feedbacks, thoughts & ideas, criticism in the comments or at a GForm I’m about to give you below or in-game. I’ll be sure to read them and may...
  2. Yethwhinger

    RMMV Withdrawal in the Thistly Islands

    Synopsis This game is not currently under development but is in a playable state. Withdrawal in the Thistly Islands is an RPG with turn-based combat and action farming income generation. The main character in the game is an elderly farmer, Rugged, who is separated from his wife by the malicious...
  3. Gabriel-Chi

    TRADE Fabulous Fables|Fantasy RPG Game

    Hello everyone, I'm here with this game, which is horrible so far! I do not want a commercial game, I just want a game to play with my friends, who are a 3 or 4 who play RPGs. I personally find myself a good writer, and a good designer, heeeer, not too much a good designer. I need basically...
  4. GriffoxEnt

    Life, The Universe and everything....?

    Well actually I know the answer to this question but I got one that I need to ask. First if this is in the wrong area I apologize to any admins I inconvenience. :) I have a game in the process of being developed ( another game engine but that is another story) I am in the market to make some...
  5. Kunaired


    I want to share my art with you guys I will add more different kind of samples. :D I hope you like it! :barf: [/SPOILER]
  6. Lord Vectra

    RMXP Mythical Legends: Azar Chronicles

    Genre: RPG Fantasy
  7. RMMV Fallaria MV

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Website & Social Media] {Fallaria Rising Official Website}- {LinkedIn}-
  8. Zerothedarklord

    FREE Seeking Assistance with intended Full Length (40+ Hour) RPG, very early into development

    As the title implies, I started a project, and while I have a lot of the beginning stuff and "foundation" for the game setup and ready, I'd very prefer the assistance of at least one, if not a couple other people. Any who inquire: PLEASE have skype, twitch or discord for easy communication...
  9. WallCat

    FREE Worlds Collide

    PROGRAM USED: VX Ace GENRE: Fantasy/Classic SNES-style RPG PROJECT DISCORD: PROJECT INFO: [LINK TO DEMO HERE] Explore a massive fantasy world, with plenty of unique locations and numerous side questlines! Discover the consistent and well-planned history and...
  10. Soul

    RMVXA Ever Eternal

    Demo Links With RTP, Demo (With RTP).rar?dl=0 Without RTP, Demo (Without RTP).rar?dl=0 Synopsis Welcome to Daga; a realm where mortals dwell, home to humans and elven kind alike. Peace has reigned for...
  11. Solwern

    RMMV PSI Magic: A fantasy RPG with a Magi Space concept

    PSI Magic The PC version of PSI Magic (Version 0.3) is now available for download!! Facebook Page: Download Here (Google Drive version added!) Synopsis: This game follows the story of Abell Crom whose parents were deemed 'lost' due to an accident which...
  12. markp80nj


    Hey everyone, so I decided to release a demo of my game to get some feedback. I hope I'm in the right forum, as I do think this is still an early project. I have no skill in digital arts, so I have used mainly RTP graphics and music, with a few exceptions. So, please don't...
  13. Heislerdinger

    A Quest Retold - Fantasy RPG

    Hello, My game is in an early stage of development and I would like to get some feedback as I move on. The first dungeon and boss is completed, so far there is a decent 1:30 to 2:30 hours of game play depending on how fast you move through it. I have a couple of concepts at work in this piece...
  14. firelad

    The Life of Amarante - Early Stages

    CANCELLED Official Website | Game Jolt | Release Date: TBA ------ Story In 2020, the Earth is in danger. Our to-be-heroine is away in her sleeping domain where she was trapped. People are already screaming for help...
  15. AvarinaSkye

    Story Feedback (Fantasy/Tactical)

    Hello RPGM community! I just started using RPGM VX Ace, and after fooling around with it, I wanted to bring an old story of mine out of the ashes. Title of the game: The Forgotten Gates to Purgatory Originally, it was Forgotten Purgatory, but that was 3 years ago, and this is my story :P...
  16. Euphoria

    First Project: The Cleanse

    The Cleanse   Story: Characters: Screen shots and more information will be released later, only 15-20 minutes of the game is made so far. Give me thoughts and suggestions on the characters and story. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated as this is the first project I plan to finish.
  17. Ossra

    the Door of Zosha [UPD:05-29-2014]

    < DEMONSTRATION DOWNLOAD - UPD:052914 > • SYNOPSIS • SETTING • DEIFIC DELEGATION • DEIFIC GOVERNANCE • SCREEN SHOTS • UPDATE LOG • CREDIT [LIST]Script(s) - Yanfly [LIST]Script(s) - Tsukihime [LIST]Script(s) - Killo Zapit [LIST]Script(s) - PK8 [LIST]Script(s) - Woratana...

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