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  1. Gabriel-Chi

    TRADE Fabulous Fables|Fantasy RPG Game

    Hello everyone, I'm here with this game, which is horrible so far! I do not want a commercial game, I just want a game to play with my friends, who are a 3 or 4 who play RPGs. I personally find myself a good writer, and a good designer, heeeer, not too much a good designer. I need basically...
  2. GriffoxEnt

    Life, The Universe and everything....?

    Well actually I know the answer to this question but I got one that I need to ask. First if this is in the wrong area I apologize to any admins I inconvenience. :) I have a game in the process of being developed ( another game engine but that is another story) I am in the market to make some...
  3. Kunaired


    I want to share my art with you guys I will add more different kind of samples. :D I hope you like it! :barf: [/SPOILER]
  4. Lord Vectra

    RMXP Mythical Legends: Azar Chronicles

    Genre: RPG Fantasy
  5. RMMV Fallaria MV

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Website & Social Media] {Fallaria Rising Official Website}- {LinkedIn}-
  6. Zerothedarklord

    FREE Seeking Assistance with intended Full Length (40+ Hour) RPG, very early into development

    As the title implies, I started a project, and while I have a lot of the beginning stuff and "foundation" for the game setup and ready, I'd very prefer the assistance of at least one, if not a couple other people. Any who inquire: PLEASE have skype, twitch or discord for easy communication...
  7. CoGDork

    FREE Worlds Collide [Need Artists/Co-writer]

    PROGRAM USED: VX Ace GENRE: Fantasy/Classic SNES-style RPG PROJECT INFO: [LINK TO DEMO HERE] Explore a massive fantasy world, with plenty of unique locations and numerous side questlines! Discover the consistent and well-planned history and lore of the world, and get rewarded for it! A...
  8. Soul

    RMVXA Ever Eternal

    Demo Links With RTP, Demo (With RTP).rar?dl=0 Without RTP, Demo (Without RTP).rar?dl=0 Synopsis Welcome to Daga; a realm where mortals dwell, home to humans and elven kind alike. Peace has reigned for...
  9. Solwern

    RMMV PSI Magic: A fantasy RPG with a Magi Space concept

    PSI Magic The PC version of PSI Magic (Version 0.3) is now available for download!! Facebook Page: Download Here (Google Drive version added!) Synopsis: This game follows the story of Abell Crom whose parents were deemed 'lost' due to an accident which...
  10. markp80nj


    Hey everyone, so I decided to release a demo of my game to get some feedback. I hope I'm in the right forum, as I do think this is still an early project. I have no skill in digital arts, so I have used mainly RTP graphics and music, with a few exceptions. So, please don't...
  11. Heislerdinger

    A Quest Retold - Fantasy RPG

    Hello, My game is in an early stage of development and I would like to get some feedback as I move on. The first dungeon and boss is completed, so far there is a decent 1:30 to 2:30 hours of game play depending on how fast you move through it. I have a couple of concepts at work in this piece...
  12. firelad

    The Life of Amarante - Early Stages

    CANCELLED Official Website | Game Jolt | Release Date: TBA ------ Story In 2020, the Earth is in danger. Our to-be-heroine is away in her sleeping domain where she was trapped. People are already screaming for help...
  13. AvarinaSkye

    Story Feedback (Fantasy/Tactical)

    Hello RPGM community! I just started using RPGM VX Ace, and after fooling around with it, I wanted to bring an old story of mine out of the ashes. Title of the game: The Forgotten Gates to Purgatory Originally, it was Forgotten Purgatory, but that was 3 years ago, and this is my story :P...
  14. Euphoria

    First Project: The Cleanse

    The Cleanse   Story: Characters: Screen shots and more information will be released later, only 15-20 minutes of the game is made so far. Give me thoughts and suggestions on the characters and story. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated as this is the first project I plan to finish.
  15. Ossra

    the Door of Zosha [UPD:05-29-2014]

    < DEMONSTRATION DOWNLOAD - UPD:052914 > • SYNOPSIS • SETTING • DEIFIC DELEGATION • DEIFIC GOVERNANCE • SCREEN SHOTS • UPDATE LOG • CREDIT [LIST]Script(s) - Yanfly [LIST]Script(s) - Tsukihime [LIST]Script(s) - Killo Zapit [LIST]Script(s) - PK8 [LIST]Script(s) - Woratana...

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