1. WanderingDudeBM

    RMMZ Crimson Critiques 1: Cries of Esperanthia (Demo available)

    (Working Title Screen. Will be changed. See "About The Project" for more details.) Crimson Critiques 1: Cries of Esperanthia Thank you very much for your time. I hope to hear back soon from anyone interested in trying out my game.
  2. Seacliff

    RMVX Oscar's Mid-Life Crisis VX

    RPG Maker VX was released on December 27, 2007. This game was made in celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the lacking, yet loveable, game engine. It has been years since Ralph and his RTP friends have been on a real adventure, few people use RPG Maker VX anymore and the iconic database cast...
  3. Blackfield

    RMMV Tales of Vogar - Lost Descendants | Looking for Beta Testers

    ---No final release price set yet. Currently working on the range between 7,99-14,99 USD--- "Tales of Vogar - Lost Descendants" is set in the kingdom of Vogar, a once beautiful and thriving realm now filled with fear and despair. When Vogar was invaded by its neighbor, the empire of Limor...
  4. RMMV "Tales of Arpegea: Who's the Boss?" Demo!

    Well, I just took my first big step in game-making by releasing a demo of my first ever game: Tales of Arpegea! Tales of Arpegea takes place in a generic fantasy RPG world, named, of course, Arpegea. The one non-generic thing is you. Why? Because YOU are the boss! Join the ratfolk Natalie, Nat...
  5. Telemindred

    In need of sprites, battlers and tilesets

    Resource Type: Character, Monster and Animal Sprites. Monster Battlers. More Tilesets. Maker Format: RPGVX Ace Makers I Own: RPGVX Ace Art Style: Ace's art style as a base, but with an original flare to it. Description: I'm in need of certain sprites, battlers and tilesets. The base style I...
  6. MMM_games

    RMMZ At the dream end

    Hi everyone! I am an indie developer from Serbia. I created a few games in Game Maker Studio 2 but I always wanted to make horror, melancholy, and atmospheric games in an old SNES style. Game Maker Studio 2 can do that but it's a lot of work. I found myself thinking more about the code than...
  7. eomereolsson

    RMMV Harold's gone rogue

  8. AnneLaurant

    RMMV Arcanium:Magia

    Three teens serve detention in magic school; what could go wrong? Gracie, Ireus, and Desmond, mage novices from Heartwood Academy, are summoned into the Head Spellcaster's office due to their supposed behavioral problems. They are sent to the Heartwood Basement to do some chores, learn...
  9. JaderGamerStudios

    RMMV Age of Ultaimia Demo Version

    Age of Ultaimia Demo Version Note: The Demo version is complete as no main content will be added later. The full game is still in development and will likely release in March 2023. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CONTACTING/FURTHER UPDATES
  10. Eddy_Dantino

    RMMZ Broken Nights

  11. Mopsikus

    RMMV A Slime Witch's Magical Adventure! - A game about a Witch-turned-into-Slime that uses magic! (Playable demo available)

    Hello again! I'm Mopsikus, and this is my newest RPG Maker MV game, A Slime Witch's Magical Adventure! This game takes place within the same universe as my other game, Peony of War, which is based around pirates and magic. But, this one will focus more on the magic part. However, this doesn't...
  12. AerosoftPlanning

    RMMZ Venture Quest | Vocational Education meets JRPG Adventure?!

    VENTURE QUEST Produced in collaboration with Venture Community Services via their Advancement Center vocational program, Venture Quest is an vocational exploration/job simulator juxtaposed upon a JRPG Adventure. Interview for and work for several different workplaces while going out fighting...
  13. cddeat03

    RMVXA Definitely Not Another Dragonslaying Adventure

  14. FourthDimension

    RMVXA The Arcanist - Strategy/survival adventure RPG (ver0.1.5)

    A mysterious desert ruin. Built by a civilisation unknown. Long since plundered of its riches and left to crumble into the desert sands. A naïve young traveller. Desperate to chase romantic legend and dreaming of uncovering secrets. A washed-up thug. Embittered and cynical. But desperate...
  15. yamakoku

    New sprites, might release template

    So I'm working on a game, and it has a TON of characters (I'd say about 100 or so?), so I thought I would throw some concept art/basic sprites in here on a random assortment of characters that I use in my game as well as other non-canon characters I just made for fun Characters: -Hwang (Canon)...
  16. New Game Song "The Elven Woods"

    Dear gamers, makers and game developers! After a short "summer break" we're finally back with great new music. Today I have for you a brand new celtic fantasy song that marks the beginning of a new series of music about the elves. Have fun with the song! Attention! Our music is NOT...
  17. RMMZ There's no time for a world-spanning adventure; you have to enter the Galaxy of Grind!

    SYNOPSIS "There's no time for a world-spanning adventure; you have to enter the Galaxy of Grind!" is a power-levelling simulator that puts you in the role of a hero who needs to be level 99 right now. Defeat monsters and upgrade your heroes in order to earn those precious, precious experience...
  18. scorpiovaeden

    RMMZ In-development - Heroes of Nomad (STB)

    HEROES OF NOMAD Synopsis: Heroes of Nomad will take the player to the world of Nomad, a world trapped in perpetual moonlight. It is here that the player can choose a starting party of 4, from a selection of 12 Heroes. The journey will commence once the party is selected. With this party of...
  19. yopi

    RMMV Krow and Dova's Cool New Game

    An hour long RPG starring a pragmatic wizard (Dova) and an energetic Demon (Krow). Containing original music and artwork! Plus secret bosses/NPCs/areas and two different endings. Synopsis Trailer Screenshots Download ✭✭✭https://yorripi.itch.io/cool-new-game✭✭✭
  20. -Serenity-

    RMMV The Last Lightbearer (Complete)

    WARNING: Please be advised there are mentions of death and suicide within the game, as well as light cursing. This game is not intended for a younger audience. Synopsis Screenshots Story Current Plans Download This game is a big learning project for me, as I wanted to make something...

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