1. Oggy

    RMMZ Dreamer's Vestige

    Synopsis: Dreamer's Vestige is a 2D RPG that uses some of the more traditional JRPG components. As you travel this world you will meet new friends that will join your party. Following the traditional components, you will have a total of 4 party members (Hero + 3). You and your friends will face...
  2. Garren_T

    RMMV The Infinity: Tower Of Fate - A Hard (In)Unintended Boss Rush

    !!Project Backstory!! (You don't have to read this but if you want to why the game is like how it is then knock yourself out and read it) This was originally made by me for both my friend and I to have a little fun in our worldbuilding and was a complete inside passion-project and I never...
  3. nekuzx

    RMVXA Hart's Toil

    You are dead, sent to hell. Your soul and mind will degrade over time. Accept the help of the witch in order to escape hell by any means necessary. Overview Hart's Toil is a puzzle-adventure game inspired by the cruel game design of La Mulana and NES games. Solve 2-4 hours worth of puzzles and...
  4. RMMZ Ororis (JRPG game with ARPG element)

  5. RaidenGuy

    RMMV Suiko Dragon (Playable Demo 1.4)

    In this game you play as a Prince of a kingdom that has been took over by a Dark Sorcerer and it's your job to take it back. In this demo you and your party just broke the magic seal on the castle and used TNT to blow up a hole in the basement that a cave was connected too. You now are in the...
  6. murilloc

    RMMZ Divinity's End: The Chronicles of the Fallen God

    (DISCLAIMER: Mature content, contain violence, religion, politics and curse words) SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS GIFS STORYLINE/PLOT The demo will be available in approximately 2-3 months, at which point I will launch a crowdfunding campaign. The demo will feature approximately 1 hour...
  7. Hawf

    RMVXA Odysseon

  8. SquiSunTomo

    RMMV Lament of Castamia (outdated)

    Lament of Castamia Two worlds, a 10-year war...and a promise between two friends. SYNOPSIS: Lament of Castamia is a traditional RPG with heavy roots in Japanese-developed RPGs, specifically Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Final Fantasy VI. The game takes place in the Kingdom of Castamia, where the...
  9. Harlancore

    RMVXA Dakota the RPG - part one complete and playable

    DAKOTA THE RPG A 16-bit Science Fantasy Role-playing Adventure by Jason Harlan SECTION A: SYNOPSIS SECTION B: SCREENSHOTS SECTION C: CHARACTERS AND PLOT SECTION D: DEVELOPMENT SECTION E: FEATURES DOWNLOAD If any of this sounds interesting, you can download the first part of "DAKOTA...
  10. Jomarcenter

    RMMZ Town of illustive (Remake) [Horror]

    A town mysteriously appears solely on Halloween night. its origin and creator/s are unknown. Those who have witnessed the town relate their experiences and opinions on books and stories told through the people until their death. Over time, tales and legends were passed down from one generation...
  11. LordOfPotatos

    RMMV [Demo Playable] Adventurer Academy: Heroes of the New Dawn

    you can play it on your browser/download it for free Here and Here ! Synopsis: Back in the day terrible entities covered the world in death and famine, unmatched by anything the world had to offer. That was, of course, until a group of legendary adventurers decided to finally put an end to...
  12. Mox

    RMMZ Tales of Spear and Claw

    A weird mix of wholesome moments and dark themes (but not too dark.) This is my first game, but I've put a fair bit of effort into what little I've got so far. About an hour long demo. I would very sincerely appreciate any feedback or comments, even if it's just "Played it, liked/didn't like."...
  13. RMMZ Minami's Adventure [RPG]

    I see that it had no traction at all. This is just some historic content, as I had many ideas after this. MINAMI'S ADVENTURE I didn't have any better ideas for a title SYNOPSIS Disclaimer: This is a highly unfinished game, and I'm putting what I want to be in it when it'll be finished...
  14. WanderingDudeBM

    RMMZ Crimson Critiques 1: Cries of Esperanthia (Demo available)

    (Working Title Screen. Will be changed. See "About The Project" for more details.) Crimson Critiques 1: Cries of Esperanthia Thank you very much for your time. I hope to hear back soon from anyone interested in trying out my game.
  15. Seacliff

    RMVX Oscar's Mid-Life Crisis VX

    RPG Maker VX was released on December 27, 2007. This game was made in celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the lacking, yet loveable, game engine. It has been years since Ralph and his RTP friends have been on a real adventure, few people use RPG Maker VX anymore and the iconic database cast...
  16. Blackfield

    RMMV Tales of Vogar - Lost Descendants | Now available on steam

    "Tales of Vogar - Lost Descendants" is set in the kingdom of Vogar, a once beautiful and thriving realm now filled with fear and despair. When Vogar was invaded by its neighbor, the empire of Limor, the resulting war brought ravage and devastation that surpassed everyone’s worst nightmares...
  17. RMMV "Tales of Arpegea: Who's the Boss?" Demo!

    Well, I just took my first big step in game-making by releasing a demo of my first ever game: Tales of Arpegea! Tales of Arpegea takes place in a generic fantasy RPG world, named, of course, Arpegea. The one non-generic thing is you. Why? Because YOU are the boss! Join the ratfolk Natalie, Nat...
  18. Telemindred

    In need of sprites, battlers and tilesets

    Resource Type: Character, Monster and Animal Sprites. Monster Battlers. More Tilesets. Maker Format: RPGVX Ace Makers I Own: RPGVX Ace Art Style: Ace's art style as a base, but with an original flare to it. Description: I'm in need of certain sprites, battlers and tilesets. The base style I...
  19. MMM_games

    RMMZ At the dream end

    Hi everyone! I am an indie developer from Serbia. I created a few games in Game Maker Studio 2 but I always wanted to make horror, melancholy, and atmospheric games in an old SNES style. Game Maker Studio 2 can do that but it's a lot of work. I found myself thinking more about the code than...
  20. eomereolsson

    RMMV Harold's gone rogue


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