1. AnneLaurant

    RMMV Arcanium:Magia

    Three teens serve detention in magic school; what could go wrong? Gracie, Ireus, and Desmond, mage novices from Heartwood Academy, are summoned into the Head Spellcaster's office due to their supposed behavioral problems. They are sent to the Heartwood Basement to do some chores, learn...
  2. JaderPlays

    RMMV Age of Ultaimia Demo Version

    Age of Ultaimia Demo Version Note: The Demo version is complete as no main content will be added later. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CONTACTING/FURTHER UPDATES
  3. Eddy_Dantino

    RMMZ Broken Nights

  4. Mopsikus

    RMMV A Slime Witch's Magical Adventure! - A game about a Witch-turned-into-Slime that uses magic! (Playable demo available)

    Hello again! I'm Mopsikus, and this is my newest RPG Maker MV game, A Slime Witch's Magical Adventure! This game takes place within the same universe as my other game, Peony of War, which is based around pirates and magic. But, this one will focus more on the magic part. However, this doesn't...
  5. AerosoftPlanning

    RMMZ Venture Quest | Vocational Education meets JRPG Adventure?!

    VENTURE QUEST Produced in collaboration with Venture Community Services via their Advancement Center vocational program, Venture Quest is an vocational exploration/job simulator juxtaposed upon a JRPG Adventure. Interview for and work for several different workplaces while going out fighting...
  6. cddeat03

    RMVXA Definitely Not Another Dragonslaying Adventure

  7. FourthDimension

    RMVXA A Forsaken Legacy (ver0.2.1)

    A mysterious desert ruin. Built by a civilisation unknown. Long since plundered of its riches and left to crumble into the desert sands. A naïve young traveller. Desperate to chase romantic legend and dreaming of uncovering secrets. A washed-up thug. Embittered and cynical. But desperate...
  8. discocatman

    New sprites, might release template

    So I'm working on a game, and it has a TON of characters (I'd say about 100 or so?), so I thought I would throw some concept art/basic sprites in here on a random assortment of characters that I use in my game as well as other non-canon characters I just made for fun Characters: -Hwang (Canon)...
  9. New Game Song "The Elven Woods"

    Dear gamers, makers and game developers! After a short "summer break" we're finally back with great new music. Today I have for you a brand new celtic fantasy song that marks the beginning of a new series of music about the elves. Have fun with the song! Attention! Our music is NOT...
  10. RMMZ There's no time for a world-spanning adventure; you have to enter the Galaxy of Grind!

    SYNOPSIS "There's no time for a world-spanning adventure; you have to enter the Galaxy of Grind!" is a power-levelling simulator that puts you in the role of a hero who needs to be level 99 right now. Defeat monsters and upgrade your heroes in order to earn those precious, precious experience...
  11. scorpiovaeden

    RMMZ In-development - Heroes of Nomad (STB)

    HEROES OF NOMAD Synopsis: Heroes of Nomad will take the player to the world of Nomad, a world trapped in perpetual moonlight. It is here that the player can choose a starting party of 4, from a selection of 12 Heroes. The journey will commence once the party is selected. With this party of...
  12. yopi

    RMMV Krow and Dova's Cool New Game

    An hour long RPG starring a pragmatic wizard (Dova) and an energetic Demon (Krow). Containing original music and artwork! Plus secret bosses/NPCs/areas and two different endings. Synopsis Trailer Screenshots Download ✭✭✭https://yorripi.itch.io/cool-new-game✭✭✭
  13. -Serenity-

    RMMV The Last Lightbearer (Complete)

    WARNING: Please be advised there are mentions of death and suicide within the game, as well as light cursing. This game is not intended for a younger audience. Synopsis Screenshots Story Current Plans Download This game is a big learning project for me, as I wanted to make something...
  14. Indrah

    RMMZ A Stolen Love and the Forgotten Promise (IGMC2022)

    After much preparation and negotiation, you have finally been allowed to marry your lover, Ezra. However the ceremony is rudely interrupted by Lilith, the archdemon of rebirth –who your grandmother defeated 50 years ago. Now in human form, Lilith kidnaps Ezra, claiming they made a promise to be...
  15. RMMZ My first RPG Maker Game (still in Progress); How did I do?

    This is my first delve into RPG Maker MZ. It took me about 3 months or so to make project “Are we the Bad Guys”. To be honest, I don’t really know what to name this. Since this is my first game, I used the basic tile set and images that came with RPG Maker MZ. Some background I am in the...
  16. yossiii

    RMMV Qabara the Artist

  17. the13thsecret

    RMVXA Astronomer & Witch

    Short-story RPG with unique, celestial mechanics! The Evil Star's influence waxes. Any astronomer worth their salt knows that its summoning heralds the coming of disaster. And disaster can reach even a noble like Noah, who secluded himself in the mountains. Noah has the company of his lovely...
  18. den399

    RMMV At the World's End - Game Released!

    At the World's End (Project Orbeus) DISCLAIMER This game contains: 1. Elements of religious themes; and 2. Instances of flashing lights and patterns. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK CREDITS
  19. seangcrombie

    RMVXA Concordia Eternal (update 26/9/23)

    Setting Many centuries ago, the world was ruled by a powerful demon named Malum. It was a dark time where demons ruled, and humans were their slaves. The four goddesses of Fire, Ice, Light and Darkness all traveled to the four corners of the world and sacrificed themselves to cast the almighty...
  20. jkweath

    RMMZ Absinthia

    Absinthia is a turn-based RPG featuring the story of scorned Knight Freya, her young apprentice Sera, and their individual struggles with loss, betrayal and acceptance as they fight to protect their home. Story When a mysterious enemy threatens the peaceful town of Katti, a traveling knight...

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